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Frequently Asked Questions

Under normal circumstances, FOMEMA will be able to transmit the certification of the medical status to the Immigration Department Headquarters within 10 working days from the date of examination by the doctor of your workers. (Please take note that it is not from the date of registration with FOMEMA).

FOMEMA is required to transmit the medical status of Foreign Workers only to Immigration Department Headquarters’ database. The medical status is then re-transmitted from the Immigration Department Headquarters’ to the respective state Immigration Departments. Therefore, a time lapse of some duration may arise when connectivity is affected between the state level Immigration Department and the Headquarters. In such situation, you can always seek FOMEMA’s assistance.

To obtain a full medical report of a Foreign Worker, an employer can request directly from the beginning doctor, provided that the worker has given a written consent as the medical report is deemed confidential.

Foreign Worker’s Medical Examination results will be automatically directed from FOMEMA system to Immigration System as both systems are linked.

This can happen when either the x-ray findings or the laboratory's test results or both have shown abnormalities and these concerned have transmitted their findings accordingly. Despite the findings of abnormalities by an X-ray clinic or laboratory, your chosen doctor had certified your worker SUITABLE.
In such a situation of inconsistencies, our system of monitoring automatically detects them and upon our investigation (and based on criteria set by the MOH), the worker's status will be amended to UNSUITABLE.
An example would be where the laboratory test detected the presence of hepatitis B antigen but the doctor chooses to transmit the certification as SUITABLE. This is the essence of the health-screening program under our system, to detect and prevent inconsistencies or likely abuses.


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