Many of you may know that Malaysia Immigration requires an approval letter of DG Immigration before entry or exit to the Malaysian border to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

In Sep. 2020 they launch the website MyTravelpass to submit your entry or exit application prior to your travel plan, in 1st phase they only allow temporary Employment Visa holder, MM2H & who have Spouse Visa, later on, they extended to all Visa & Work Permit holder but approvals are limited case to case basis. 

In this post, I would you take look at how you can submit your application & later on check the status of your application. 

in this tutorial I will submit an entry application for Visit Pass (Temporary Employment Holder) & will take look at general terms of other Visa & Work Permit Categories how you can submit an application. 

so let's start...

MyTravelPass Application Guidelines


a. The application should be made by the EMPLOYER.

b. Entry permission application must be sent through

c. Documents to be attached :

  • Official application letter from employer;
  • Frontpage of the foreign worker’s passport & latest Visit Pass(Temporary Employment);
  • Latest exit stamp;
  • SSM e-info;
  • Employer’s Identity Card;
  • Contract / Letter of Award for the construction sector;
  • The current contract for the cleaning service sector. 

d. An employer is permitted to bring in a maximum of 30 foreign workers per entry.

All documents must be uploaded in the form of ✶pdf not exceeding 250kb each✶

Please take note that entry into Malaysia is subject to approval and Immigrations’ vetting.

Please be aware that any false reports/statements/representations are an offence under section 56(1)(f) Immigration Act 1959/63.

Any changes in the decisions are subject to the current government directive.


A foreign worker who is currently abroad and has obtained permission to enter Malaysia during Movement Control Order Period, must follow the procedures below;

a. Foreign worker is required to undergo PCR COVID-19 test screening abroad at least THREE (3) days and medically confirmed to be tested negative from COVID-19 prior to entering Malaysia and;

b. It is compulsory to download and install “MySejahtera” mobile application before departure and;

c. Permitted Malaysia entry points ONLY via Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), KLIA 2, Bayan Lepas International Airport and Sultan Ismail Senai International Airport and;

d. Visa Pass Temporary Employment is still valid with re-entry visa (Single Entry Visa / Multiple Entry Visa) OR;

e. Valid Visa Pass Temporary Employment without re-entry visa (Single Entry Visa)

Applicable to all nationality which are required to obtain visa prior entry.

  • As per guideline no 2a - 2c
  • Required to obtain a visa without reference (VTR) from the respective Malaysian Embassy / Consulate General / High Commission prior to entering Malaysia

f. Expired Visa Pass Temporary Employment

Applicable to all nationality regardless of visa requirement.

  • As per guideline no 2a - 2c
  • Required to obtain a visa without reference (VTR) from the respective Malaysian Embassy / Consulate General / High Commission prior to entering Malaysia
  • Fees for conversion of pass to Visa Pass Temporary Employment will be borned by the worker(s) or/and respected employer.


a. The foreign worker is to undergo compulsory quarantine at quarantine facilities as directed by The National Agency for Disaster Management (NADMA) & Ministry of Health (MOH) upon arrival to Malaysia and all cost/fees shall be borne by you or your employer and;

b. The foreign worker is to provide a Letter of Approval to enter Malaysia to the Immigration Officer at the entry point together with the result of the PCR COVID-19 test.

c. All recruitment of foreign workers upon arrival at the immigration checkpoint must be made by the employers/representative of the employers/agency appointed by the employers.

d. All appointments with the Immigration Department of Malaysia have to be done via Sistem Temujanji Online (STO) at


A non-Malaysian traveller is required to bear the cost of the Covid-19 test and quarantine charges before arrival in Malaysia. Please refer to the URL link below to make payment. Myeg Safe Travel.

If you accept with no objection all the terms & guidelines then you are good to go with your entry/exit application submission.

Submit MyTravelPass Application

To submit your application you have to prepare the following list of application to proceed with submission. 

  1. Official application letter from employer; View Sample
  2. Frontpage of the foreign worker’s passport & latest Visit Pass(Temporary Employment);
  3. Latest exit stamp; View Sample
  4. SSM e-info; (Company_Profile) View Sample
  5. Employer’s Identity Card;
  6. Contract / Letter of Award for the construction sector; (if Construction Work Permit)
  7. The current contract for the cleaning service sector. (applicable to cleaner permit holders)

If you have prepared all the above documents let's go to submit your application

Fill up the form & upload all the documents 1 by 1:
  1. Passport Frontpage
  2. Work Permit
  3. Exit/Entry Stamp
  4. Employer Letter
  5. Employer IC Front & Back
  6. & SSM e-info
If you have more than 1 applicant then you have to select the 2nd applicant check box to enter the data 2nd applicant (worker) data & upload supporting documents but make sure you have mentioned all the worker name on the employer letter & you have to upload separate supporting documents for each applicant (worker)...

If you fine with your application accept terms & condition by clicking the check box at bottom of the form and click submit. 

That's it we have done it. :)

you will receive an email confirmation that look like this:

Check the Status of MyTravelPass Application

Now the step is to check the status of your application if takes longer than usual, I will suggest you keep your eyes on your email inbox, there you will find the reply with 5-10 working days. 

It should something like this:

If your application got rejection they will state the reason for rejection, in our case, they said "you are from a country where COVID-19 cases are more than 150K" & if you get approved you will receive the following letter attached in the approval email:
Now we will try to learn how to check the status of the submitted application.

2. Enter application #


3. Passport # 
4. Choose the Nationality of the applicant & finally click the SEARCH button.

Hooray! You can see that the following application has been approved :) and he got the approval we have shared above. 

That's it for today, let us know if you have any questions or need help to submit your MyTravelPass application or to help you check your application status. 

Peace & Blessing :)

*All the web pages and logos used in this tutorial and property of the respective owner any illegal use of the service may cause legal action.
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Office at JPJ Check Point
The photo shows the Road Transport Department (RTD) enforcement officers at work.  Pix by Muhammad Sulaiman
By any chance do you guys know if you can use your domestic driving license in Malaysia? or either you can convert it to a Malaysian license? The same has been asked many times on expatriates forums and other channels on the Internet. I had my international driving permit but is it valid to drive in Malaysia for more than 3 months? or you need to sit in a driving classroom to get a driving license? These all the questions I to have before the start of Feb 2020. 

Do you know how I got the answer? let me explain here the whole scenario in the form of this blog post. It started in 2017 when I start learning how to drive in Malaysia on a Pakistani Driving license & I came across Section 28 of the  Malaysian Road & Transport Act 1987:

Recognition of driving licences of other countries

28. A driving licence issued under the corresponding provisions of any law in force in any country which is a party to a treaty to which Malaysia is also a party and which purports to recognize domestic driving licences issued by the contracting countries shall, so long as such licence remains in force in that country, be deemed to be a driving licence granted under this Part.

The sudden question that popup in my mind, is Pakistan party to the same treaty in which Malaysia has been also a party? & I found that Yes Pakistan & Malaysia are parties in the same treaty wherein it's been mentioned that nationals of both countries can drive in either country if they hold a domestic license with IDP (International Driving Permit) so long as such licence remains in force in the issuing country, be deemed to be a driving licence granted under this Part. 

Based on this I believe that I can use my domestic licence along with IDP but for more satisfaction, I have sent an email to JPJ Putrajaya, Malaysia (Road and Transport Department of Malaysia) & requested to define  Section 28 of the Road & Transport Act 1987

Here is a screenshot of the reply I have received from the JPJ Support Team member (Rosnah).  

Click to Enlarge Image

Oh yes as per the reply received from Rosnah (JPJ Support Staff ) a Pakistani National can drive in Malaysia if he/she has a Valid Domestic License along with IDP.

Let's have a look at the countries with whom Malaysia have singed Treaty.

Treaty Between Pakistan & Malaysia

Article I have found at the website of the University Malaysia Pahang in which they have described  Section 28 of the Road & Transport Act 1987. 

Driving licenses from the countries listed below (Shared by University Pahang Malaysia) are recognised and can be used for driving in Malaysia subject to regulations under the Road Transport Act 1987:
What they said in regards to Section 28:

Pursuant to Section 28 of APJ 1987, as mentioned above, the holder of a foreign country’s driving license can drive in this country as long as the foreign domestic driving license is still valid, and is accompanied by a translation in English or Malay (where the license is in a language other than English or Malay), which is confirmed by the embassy of the country of origin in Malaysia, or by the authority issuing the driving license concerned. In this regard, a foreign citizen is not required to hold a Malaysian driver's license to drive in Malaysia. 

Let's have a look statement given by Ibu Pejabat JPJ Johor Bharu (Head of the Department Road and Transport, Taman Daya, Johor Bharu).

An Indian Lady Officer of that department replied in the words that Pakistani Domestic License acceptable along with IDP in Malaysia but the format of IDP should be as per Geneva Convention on Road & Transport held in 1949. In this convention, all participating countries agreed upon the booklet format of IDP. However, nowadays almost every country issue a smart card (PVC) IDP, including Pakistan.

Booklet type IDP Model In Geneva Convention 1949:

Booklet IDP Issued by Government of China:

Click to enlarge 

Card Model in  Vienna Convention (1968) on Road Traffic:
Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

I hope this blog post may informative for you, in my case I have driven in Malaysia for more than 1 than but I have not ever summoned by JPJ when I showed them the attestation letter from the High Commission of Pakistan in Malaysia & the screenshot of an email received from JPJ Support team. 
But if you can arrange Booklet type IDP before leaving Pakistan to have the risk-free journey to Malaysia. 

I will share another brief tutorial on how you can get IDP in Pakistan and get attested from the Foreign Affair Office. oh, wait doesn't leave without sharing if the post is useful and let me know in the comment section below if something is missing or there is something that needs to be updated.
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Huawei shook the smartphone market by creating cheap/budget Android-based smartphones, that have given both Apple and Samsung a run for their money. It's fact that Huawei even managed to overthrow both companies (Samsung & Apple) to take the number one spot as the world’s biggest smartphone supplier. Unfortunately, Huawei’s road-map to success has since been cut short were due to a trade war between the US and China, the US government has placed Huawei on the Entity List which prevents US companies from doing business with them. This also includes Google which means that Huawei Mobile cannot use Google’s products or services on their smartphones.

I was in trouble when my brother's smartphone damaged and he bought new Huawei devices and ask me to copy his contact number from Google account to his new Huawei android (which doest support Google Play Services). I have tried some of the hacks available on the internet to install play services but all of my efforts failed. 

It was very handy to copy contacts from Google account by just adding your Gmail id to android device and turn on auto sync of contact & you will get all of your contact in your android device contact right away, but trouble starts here when the legal director of Android Tristan Ostrowski announced that "Google is prohibited from working with Huawei on new device models or providing Google's apps including Gmail, Maps, YouTube, the Play Store and others for preload or download on these devices,".

Here in this post I will two methods to manually import your contact from Google account to Android Device:

From Huawei Device:

1.Go to your Google Contacts ( *login with your Google account if prompted.

2. Export all your contacts by clicking the export link (at the left bottom corner of the navigation).

3. Click on Contacts from the top and choose the file format to VCF format. 

4. Save it to your phone storage if you are using your phone or save it to your computer's drive to copy manually to your phone storage when required. 

5. Now download & install the Google Contacts app from

6. Open the application and click Navigation goto>Settings

7. Scroll down to the Manage Contacts Section and Click import.

8. Choose  .vcf file & click ok. 

9. From the popup menu choose Device & Select the root folder of  VCF file (the file you have saved in 

step 3)

You are done... :)

Note that you can Import multiple Vcf Files (VCard) you have exported from different Google account or devices. Then later you can Safely store and manage your contacts and other important information on the Huawei Cloud, and automatically sync your data from any of your mobile devices in future. 

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Starting from 1 January 2020 Malaysia Government has issued strict orders that all employer required to ensure that their foreign workers undergo the COVID-19 screening test to curb the spread of pandemic with the enforcement of the act STANDARD MINIMUM PERUMAHAN, PENGINAPAN DAN KEMUDAHAN PEKERJA 1990 ACT 446, they may face imprisonment up to 1 year, RM 50k fines or both if they fail to comply with ACT 446.

Here is the infographic from the Department of Labour of Peninsular Malaysia:

Click on image to Enlarge

Click on image to Enlarge

In our recent post, I have shared the contact detail of MYEG Screening unit to book an appointment or email to to get screened at your doorstep if you have more than 50 workers either you have the option to visit MYEG to done COVID-19 test (note that Travelling for COVID-19 screening is allowed during MCO 2.0, MYEG will provide all necessary documentation for your travelling ) at affordable pricing. 

Who will pay for COVID-19 Screening?

1. All employers are bound by law to pay the cost for RT-ANTIGEN test which RM 60 for eligible SOSCO Workers in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Negeri Sembilan, Sabah & Labuan.

1. For RT-PCR Test RM150 per person and available for only self-paying workers at any MYEG branches. 

Contact us if you need further assistance at, we will assist you all the way to arrange appointments for COVID-19 Screening & don't hesitate to share your comments to let us know what you think about new policies during the pandemic. 

Images Credits: jtksm mohr gov my

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Fomema2u Malaysia is a one-stop centre for medical needs of employer’s who wish to hire foreign worker to boost their workforce, it was very difficult to register for medical examination before the Employer Portal, I remember when I first time came to Malaysia in 2013 and ask my colleague, to find an agent to register at Fomema & pay the fee by visiting any bank If you have a bank account or the agent to help pay the registration fee.

Most of the time a layman who does not have knowledge about permit renewal can be trapped by the clever agents to get some extra money. But things have been changed since the institutions started to prefer online services instead of an offline office, to follow the goal of Digital Malaysia Fomema Malaysia SDN BHD started to provide online registration of yearly medical examination of the foreign workers. To use the portal, you will need to submit a registration form to register yourself as an employer or Individual. Registration must be approved by FOMEMA SDN BHD before you can start to register your worker.

In this tutorial, I would like to share the step-by-step guide on how to register on Fomema Employer Portal to get instant Registration for medical examination. 

You must prepare the following documents according to your location.

Peninsular Malaysia

“If you are registering as an individual employer, then you need to upload a copy of your NRIC if you are Malaysian or a copy of your passport identification page if you are a non-Malaysian. You will also need to upload a copy of your worker's calling visa or work permit. If you are registering as a company, you will need to upload a copy of your company's registration documents (Form 9), a copy of the NRIC/Passport of the contact person, a copy of the letter authorizing the contact person to perform worker registrations and any of worker's calling visa.”


“If you are registering as an individual employer, then you need to upload a copy of your NRIC if you are Malaysian or a copy of your passport identification page if you are a non-Malaysian. You will also need to upload a copy of the passport front page/ visit pass for a worker. If you are registering as a company, you will need to upload a copy of your company's registration documents (Form 9), a copy of the NRIC/Passport of the contact person, a copy of the letter authorizing the contact person to perform worker registrations and a copy of the passport front page/ visit pass for a worker.”

Note: Upload each document separately. Valid file formats are JPG, PNG & PDF, the total sizes of all files are limited to 10 MB.

let's get started with the registration process:

  1. Go to 
    Click on Image to Enlarge

  2. Enter your email address, fill the captcha (click on check box) & click register.
  3. Click on Image to Enlarge

  4. Open your email Inbox & follow the instruction you have received from Fomema automated email.
  5. Click on image to enlarge

  6. Click on the link & complete the registration with supporting documents (as shown below, replace the filled inputs with your's). 
  7. Fomema Registration Form
    Click on image to enlarge

  8. Now upload the supporting documents one-by-one by selecting from the dropdown menu and click browse to select a file (png, jpg or pdf format) from computer/device & click on Submit  Button for Approval. Alhamdulillah, you did it.
Note: Fomema offers online live chat support to answer your questions or if you are facing any difficulty for getting approved. (see image below)

Click on image to enlarge

You can also ask me without any hesitation furthermore if you need authorization letter format just drop me an email here ( I will try to reply as soon as possible with Authorization Letter file to help you. 

Image Credit:
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Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease (namesake) caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. Most people who fall sick with COVID-19 will experience mild to moderate symptoms and recover without special treatment. Malaysia has recently recorded a very high number of positive cases of COVID-19.

The Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) in collaboration with MyEg Medical Services SDN BHD has started on-site screening services to prevent the spread of COVID-19. They Offered PCR screening test for Covid-19 at only RM150/ per pax. This can help companies and individuals for cost-saving & better approach to prevent the spread COVID-19.

Here some Term & Conditions to have MyEg Medical Services at your doorstep:

  1. Full payment (if any) must be made prior to proceeding on scheduling preparation arrangements.
  2. Eligible individual details undergoing the screen test must be provided before schedule preparation and any changes must be informed to MYEG 1 working day before 12 noon.
  3. T+3 working days lead time is required for a walk-in screen test at MYEG medical partner clinic/centres for screen test appointment preparations.
  4. T+5 working days lead time is required for an on-site screen test for screen test appointment preparations.
  5. Reschedule and cancellation is not allowed 7 days before the confirmed appointment or a penalty of RM50 per patient will be incurred.
  6. Patient must follow strictly on appointment date and time; a maximum allowance of 30 minutes will be given for patients to show up for the scheduled appointment and at the discretion of MYEG/MYEG Medical partner.
  7. MYEG will not be held accountable for the information provided that is generated through a different entity.
  8. For no show patients on screening day, an RM50 penalty fee will be imposed per patient for PSP PERKESO claim patients and Self-Pay screening customers appointment will be forfeited.
  9. Individual/employer will bear the screening cost if the employer is found to be in-eligible for PSP PERKESO claim.

Note that you must acknowledge all the above terms and consent form for releasing test result via email by signing the letter which you may receive via email or from a representative of MyEg Medical Services SDN BHD.

And you have to fill up the following detail and send it to MyEg Medical Services to get an appointment: 

  • ROC

Here is the contact detail of MyEg Medical Services SDN. BHD. Ask them directly if you have any questions or to know the nearby locations:



Level 43A, MyEG Tower,

No.8 Jalan Damansara, Empire City, PJU8

47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Malaysia

Tel: 03 – 7664 8000

Fax: 03 – 7664 8008





H/P: 014-9647821 (Joanne Wong)


Let us know how you experience COVID-19 screening at your doorstep also do not forget to share your views in the comment below. I have two more blog post in the pipeline on how to apply for entry into Malaysia and what steps are required after getting entry approval from DG Immigration to enter Malaysia.

Image Credit: Getty Images/SrdjanPav

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