Huawei shook the smartphone market by creating cheap/budget Android-based smartphones, that have given both Apple and Samsung a run for their money. It's fact that Huawei even managed to overthrow both companies (Samsung & Apple) to take the number one spot as the world’s biggest smartphone supplier. Unfortunately, Huawei’s road-map to success has since been cut short were due to a trade war between the US and China, the US government has placed Huawei on the Entity List which prevents US companies from doing business with them. This also includes Google which means that Huawei Mobile cannot use Google’s products or services on their smartphones.

I was in trouble when my brother's smartphone damaged and he bought new Huawei devices and ask me to copy his contact number from Google account to his new Huawei android (which doest support Google Play Services). I have tried some the hacks available on the internet to install play services but all of my efforts failed. 

It was very handy to copy contacts from Google account by just adding your Gmail id to android device and turn on auto sync of contact & you will get all of your contact in your android device contact right away, but trouble starts here when the legal director of Android Tristan Ostrowski announced that "Google is prohibited from working with Huawei on new device models or providing Google's apps including Gmail, Maps, YouTube, the Play Store and others for preload or download on these devices,".

Here in this post I will two methods to manually import your contact from Google account to Android Device:

From Huawei Device:

1.Go to your Google Contacts ( *login with your Google account if prompted.

2. Export all your contacts by clicking the export link (at the left bottom corner of the navigation).

3. Click on Contacts from the top and choose the file format to VCF format. 

4. Save it to your phone storage if you are using your phone or save it to your computer's drive to copy manually to your phone storage when required. 

5. Now download & install the Google Contacts app from

6. Open the application and click Navigation goto>Settings

7. Scroll down to Manage Contacts Section and Click import.

8. Choose  .vcf file & click ok. 

9. From popup menu choose Device & Select the root folder of  VCF file (the file you have saved in 

step 3)

You are done... :)

Note that you can Import multiple Vcf Files (VCard) you have exported from different Google account or devices. Then later you can Safely store and manage your contacts and other important information on the Huawei Cloud, and automatically sync your data from any of your mobile devices in future. 

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Starting from 1 January 2020 Malaysia Government has issued strict orders that all employer required to ensure that their foreign workers undergo the COVID-19 screening test to curb the spread of pandemic with the enforcement of the act STANDARD MINIMUM PERUMAHAN, PENGINAPAN DAN KEMUDAHAN PEKERJA 1990 ACT 446, they may face imprisonment up to 1 year, RM 50k fines or both if they fail to comply with ACT 446.

Here is the infographic from the Department of Labour of Peninsular Malaysia:

Click on image to Enlarge

Click on image to Enlarge

In our recent post, I have shared the contact detail of MYEG Screening unit to book an appointment or email to to get screened at your doorstep if you have more than 50 workers either you have the option to visit MYEG to done COVID-19 test (note that Travelling for COVID-19 screening is allowed during MCO 2.0, MYEG will provide all necessary documentation for your travelling ) at affordable pricing. 

Who will pay for COVID-19 Screening?

1. All employers are bound by law to pay the cost for RT-ANTIGEN test which RM 60 for eligible SOSCO Workers in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Negeri Sembilan, Sabah & Labuan.

1. For RT-PCR Test RM150 per person and available for only self-paying workers at any MYEG branches. 

Contact us if you need further assistance at, we will assist you all the way to arrange appointments for COVID-19 Screening & don't hesitate to share your comments to let us know what you think about new policies during the pandemic. 

Images Credits: jtksm mohr gov my

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Fomema2u Malaysia is a one-stop centre for medical needs of employer’s who wish to hire foreign worker to boost their workforce, it was very difficult to register for medical examination before the Employer Portal, I remember when I first time came to Malaysia in 2013 and ask my colleague, to find an agent to register at Fomema & pay the fee by visiting any bank If you have a bank account or the agent to help pay the registration fee.

Most of the time a layman who does not have knowledge about permit renewal can be trapped by the clever agents to get some extra money. But things have been changed since the institutions started to prefer online services instead of an offline office, to follow the goal of Digital Malaysia Fomema Malaysia SDN BHD started to provide online registration of yearly medical examination of the foreign workers. To use the portal, you will need to submit a registration form to register yourself as an employer or Individual. Registration must be approved by FOMEMA SDN BHD before you can start to register your worker.

In this tutorial, I would like to share the step-by-step guide on how to register on Fomema Employer Portal to get instant Registration for medical examination. 

You must prepare the following documents according to your location.

Peninsular Malaysia

“If you are registering as an individual employer, then you need to upload a copy of your NRIC if you are Malaysian or a copy of your passport identification page if you are a non-Malaysian. You will also need to upload a copy of your worker's calling visa or work permit. If you are registering as a company, you will need to upload a copy of your company's registration documents (Form 9), a copy of the NRIC/Passport of the contact person, a copy of the letter authorizing the contact person to perform worker registrations and any of worker's calling visa.”


“If you are registering as an individual employer, then you need to upload a copy of your NRIC if you are Malaysian or a copy of your passport identification page if you are a non-Malaysian. You will also need to upload a copy of the passport front page/ visit pass for a worker. If you are registering as a company, you will need to upload a copy of your company's registration documents (Form 9), a copy of the NRIC/Passport of the contact person, a copy of the letter authorizing the contact person to perform worker registrations and a copy of the passport front page/ visit pass for a worker.”

Note: Upload each document separately. Valid file formats are JPG, PNG & PDF, the total sizes of all files are limited to 10 MB.

let's get started with the registration process:

  1. Go to 
    Click on Image to Enlarge

  2. Enter your email address, fill the captcha (click on check box) & click register.
  3. Click on Image to Enlarge

  4. Open your email Inbox & follow the instruction you have received from Fomema automated email.
  5. Click on image to enlarge

  6. Click on the link & complete the registration with supporting documents (as shown below, replace the filled inputs with your's). 
  7. Fomema Registration Form
    Click on image to enlarge

  8. Now upload the supporting documents one-by-one by selecting from the dropdown menu and click browse to select a file (png, jpg or pdf format) from computer/device & click on Submit  Button for Approval. Alhamdulillah, you did it.
Note: Fomema offers online live chat support to answer your questions or if you are facing any difficulty for getting approved. (see image below)

Click on image to enlarge

You can also ask me without any hesitation furthermore if you need authorization letter format just drop me an email here ( I will try to reply as soon as possible with Authorization Letter file to help you. 

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Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease (namesake) caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. Most people who fall sick with COVID-19 will experience mild to moderate symptoms and recover without special treatment. Malaysia has recently recorded a very high number of positive cases of COVID-19.

The Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) in collaboration with MyEg Medical Services SDN BHD has started on-site screening services to prevent the spread of COVID-19. They Offered PCR screening test for Covid-19 at only RM150/ per pax. This can help companies and individuals for cost-saving & better approach to prevent the spread COVID-19.

Here some Term & Conditions to have MyEg Medical Services at your doorstep:

  1. Full payment (if any) must be made prior to proceeding on scheduling preparation arrangements.
  2. Eligible individual details undergoing the screen test must be provided before schedule preparation and any changes must be informed to MYEG 1 working day before 12 noon.
  3. T+3 working days lead time is required for a walk-in screen test at MYEG medical partner clinic/centres for screen test appointment preparations.
  4. T+5 working days lead time is required for an on-site screen test for screen test appointment preparations.
  5. Reschedule and cancellation is not allowed 7 days before the confirmed appointment or a penalty of RM50 per patient will be incurred.
  6. Patient must follow strictly on appointment date and time; a maximum allowance of 30 minutes will be given for patients to show up for the scheduled appointment and at the discretion of MYEG/MYEG Medical partner.
  7. MYEG will not be held accountable for the information provided that is generated through a different entity.
  8. For no show patients on screening day, an RM50 penalty fee will be imposed per patient for PSP PERKESO claim patients and Self-Pay screening customers appointment will be forfeited.
  9. Individual/employer will bear the screening cost if the employer is found to be in-eligible for PSP PERKESO claim.

Note that you must acknowledge all the above terms and consent form for releasing test result via email by signing the letter which you may receive via email or from a representative of MyEg Medical Services SDN BHD.

And you have to fill up the following detail and send it to MyEg Medical Services to get an appointment: 

  • ROC

Here is the contact detail of MyEg Medical Services SDN. BHD. Ask them directly if you have any questions or to know the nearby locations:



Level 43A, MyEG Tower,

No.8 Jalan Damansara, Empire City, PJU8

47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Malaysia

Tel: 03 – 7664 8000

Fax: 03 – 7664 8008





H/P: 014-9647821 (Joanne Wong)


Let us know how you experience COVID-19 screening at your doorstep also do not forget to share your views in the comment below. I have two more blog post in the pipeline on how to apply for entry into Malaysia and what steps are required after getting entry approval from DG Immigration to enter Malaysia.

Image Credit: Getty Images/SrdjanPav

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The coronavirus pandemic has greatly impacted the world and financial markets. With the World Bank announcing that it expects remittances to India would drop by 9% in 2020, down to US$76 billion from US$83 billion in 2019, it is clear that remittances will not escape 2020 untouched.

As a developing nation, India relies heavily on remittances from expatriates working abroad to send money home to their families and friends. These remittances help stimulate the economy and finance projects. 

If you’re a startup in India looking to keep funding coming from abroad to finance your company, here are five ways you can receive money from overseas.

Remittance apps

While overall remittances might be down due to COVID-19, some apps, such as Remitly, said that “remittance volume rose 40% from February to March”. These apps offer people looking for alternatives to banks a more cost-effective way to send money to India from abroad, which helps more money end up in the pocket of the recipient.

If your startup is reliant on funds coming in from outside of India, then a remittance app like TransferWise or InstaReM is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get the money flowing in. These apps will almost always offer you the cheapest way to send your money abroad. One of the easiest ways to find out if remittance apps are your best method, compare them against other options using a money transfer comparison table.

Forex Provider

One of the more traditional ways to send money abroad is going with a traditional forex provider that gives you that person-to-person service that some people crave, especially when sending large sums of money overseas. Being able to speak with someone, be it in person, over the phone or via email, is something that many people value. Traditional brokers may also be able to provide you with additional collection options for receiving the funds once they reach India. 

However, the downside of using a traditional broker is that they tend to charge higher fees than a remittance app. You’re also losing out on the convenience of being able to transfer funds directly from your laptop or phone.

Traditional Banks

This is probably what most people think of when they go to send money home from abroad, with some banks, such as ICICI Bank, getting in on the remittance app market in 2018 and creating the Money2India service. 

However, much like forex providers, you’re paying for legacy by using these services as many of them will charge higher fees than a true remittance app service. These transfers may even be slower than using an app and the exchange rates offered might not be ideal.


This is a fairly new and somewhat complicated way for you to get around transfer fees and move your money to India from overseas. All you’ll need is to create a digital wallet and connect it to a bank account. Once you’ve done this, head over to whichever exchange you’re interested in and buy the coin that most appeals to you. Once you have your coin, you can send it to whoever you want to back home. 

While this seems like an easy way to send funds, it does present risks, including volatility in the currencies themselves. While you might try to send $500, you risk seeing those funds diminish as the value of the coin ebbs, completely negating the money you’d have saved by avoiding fees at banks and forex providers.

Money Transfer Operators (MTO)

These services have been in existence for well over a century, with the biggest names in the game being Western Union and MoneyGram. Although these giant providers offer online transfers, you’ll typically run into similar pros and cons as the other traditional providers such as higher fees and relatively poor exchange rates. MoneyGram and Western Union are worth looking into in order to get an idea of the price to send, though, so be sure to compare them against whatever service you choose.

The Power of Comparing

Because each person’s sending situation is a bit different, no option is going to be an all-time-best method for remittance to India. By comparing different sending options you’ll get an idea of what method is the best for your circumstance and learn about situations where one method typically prevails. Always be sure to compare as many options as possible to save the most money on your transfer, especially if you’ll be sending large amounts of remittance to India.

Author: Zak Killermann

About Zak: Zak Killermann is a staff writer at Finder specializing in money transfers. After getting burned once by an over-the-counter money exchange — he vowed to never settle for anything short of the mid-market rate

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Have you ever heard that you can pay your travel expenses in Instalments by paying with a debit/credit card? I did not hear that before, but now that has been done by a Singapore based group, makes travel affordable by letting you pay overtime by using your Debit Card, the awesome part of this is that there is no interest involved till now. You may ask how they will charge your Debit Card without having OTP code?

Simply, a Direct Debit is an instruction from you to your bank or building society. It authorises the organisation you want to pay to collect varying amounts from your Debit/Credit Card or from your bank account but in the case of Paywithsplit, they will charge your card instead of account.

They will attempt to charge your Debit/Credit card as per schedule. But if the payment was declined for any reason, they will send you an alert via email, SMS and call to update your payment method or add more money to your card. To avoid a late payment fee (it may be Interest, if you think it is then I will suggest don't use it, consult with any Shariah Advisor or Mufti for your relevant Authority), you will have to make that you have sufficient balance in your account within 7 days of receiving this alert.

Currently, they are partnered with 3 Largest Land, Sea Ticketing, Attraction & Rent a Car Website in South East Asia & they have target to extend the network through Travel Industry.

So let's Discuss three of them one by one.

1. Easy Book Largest Land & Sea Ticketing Website in SE Asia
(Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos), with over 13 years of experience within the transportation industry, they have established a strong background history through success and is always aiming to deliver outstanding services.

Bus Tickets

Easybook website offers long-distance express bus ticket booking for over 320 bus operators and 14,703 bus routes across major cities in Malaysia. Booking can be made at Easybook Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia & Laos with complete transparency and secured online payment via online internet banking Debit/Credit Card or choose PayWithSplit at checkout page if you wish to pay in up to 3 Installments.

Train Ticket

Travel to your favourite location in Malaysia with largest KTM and ETS Train Ticket Online Booking site in Malaysia with over 2000 Train routes to choose from. ETS Train offers super-fast and comfortable ride across each state!

Ferry Ticket

Book ferry tickets online before you start your holidays and travel to any of your favourite island in Malaysia such as Redang Island, Tioman Island, Langkawi Island, Batam Island and more. They have the most complete choices of ferry operators with over 76 ferry routes to choose from.

Car Rental

If you are an adventurous traveller that love the freedom of mobility, car rental booking service is the perfect choice for you. Choose from over 277 Malaysia car rental companies and more than 165 car brand.

Flight Ticket

Easybook offers airline ticket booking service, The flight routes include both domestic and international destinations. Purchase Malaysia flight ticket online conveniently and look forward to great flight ticket promotions to be offered & you can pay in overtime.

2. Catch That Bus

The faster and easier way to a smooth bus travel experience, Catch That Bus offers Bus Tickets in Malaysia & Singapore, interestingly they offer wallet account instant activation and you will get cashback on every booking you made via the app. Catching a bus ride soon? click link below to book your ticket with cashback to your wallet account.

Bus Tickets

Travel to over 1,200 routes across 700 destinations within Malaysia and aboard with your favourite operators. They offer Signup bonus & Cashback on every ticket purchase made at They design the Route maps for user convenience to check where they operating in Malaysia & Singapore.

3. Trip Carte Asia

Tripcarte Asia is the largest Attraction tickets provider in South Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia Thailand) as well as India & they provide Car Rental Services in Langkawi, Malaysia only.

Attractions Tickets

Tripcarte Asia offer 300+ attractions across Malaysia & Singapore will surely excite you & your family to find something interesting to do over the weekend or holidays, you will get instant confirmation with ticket which is fully refundable. All payments upon checkout will be made in Malaysian Ringgit. Conversions displayed is estimated based on current exchange rates & you have option pay overtime by choosing PayWithSplit at the Checkout page (Debit/Credit Card Issued in Malaysia).

That's it for today! Soon I will write a how-to guide to place booking on these websites by choosing Installment payment plan throughout PaywithSplit payment gateway.
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