Google Rolled Out Red Carpet For App Owner

Recently Google Rolled Out Update for search analytics which called Red Carpet, it's specially designed for app owners. What is red carpet update and how it works, in this post i am going to share some hand picked checklist on how red carpet update will work for app owners and how to add your app into webmaster tools. By adding app into search console, you can track your website and android app performance at one place,  webmaster tools Search Console with new updated performance report will show you the way of Google understands and treats your app content in search results and this will helps you better understand the number of traffic is being driven to your app through App Indexing.

Go ahead and learn the features of awesome Red Carpet Update.

How to add your app into search console

It’s just simple as like adding a website or blog into webmaster tools, Simply open Search Console, click on add your property and enter your app name: android-app://com.example.
Ensure that you are authorized app owner, and you need to put your Google play account to allow search console catch you as authorized app owner. If you don’t have access to your app in Google Play, you may ask to an app owner to verify the app in search console and next invite you as an author.

Indexing  App

The App Indexing provides a way to developers to notify Google about deep links in their native apps. Providing fast and easy access to search console, Associating your website with your app is necessary step for App Indexing to meet with success.

Tracking app content performance in search console

Search Console show you, how your search traffic changes over time, where it’s coming from, and what search queries are most likely to show your app,  if there’s any  overlapping, this may help you restructure your navigation, or common content links easier to find in app.

Search Analytics performance report

The search console report allows you to do filtering your search data, one of the feature that is commonly used are keywords, if search console not showing keywords that you expect, your site might not have enough useful content relevant to those keywords, or may it has been hacked.

Fetch as Google

The Fetch as Google feature in Google Search Console now allows you to fetch your app as Googlebot render app! It is a still available beta/alpha version, if you may have wish to watch live render, how Googlebot treat with your app, you can test your app by following link below.

Fetch as Google For Android

It will also helpful when you compare your app content with your respective website content to debug errors in app, the common errors in apps are mismatch content, that errors are caused by blocked resources within the app. Now fetch as Google allows to users identify errors and may help you resolve these issues easily without headache.

fetch as google for apps
I hope this interesting info will help you to better understanding your app indexing and give you vision to resolve errors in apps related to webmaster tool and don’t forget to subscribe and get fixed updated in your inbox.
Fetch as Google Image by Google Webmaster Tools Team

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