How To Submit Blogger XML Sitemap To Search Console

We have been asked several times how to submit blogger xml sitemap to Search Console (Google Webmaster tools) so we thought a complete step by step tutorial would be helpful for readers. Submitting xml sitemap is easy as we submit rss sitemap before, recently blogger rollout update to generate xml sitemap automatically. So we don't need to create xml sitemap any more. Before starting tutorial i want to share little bit about the xml and rss sitemap, as Google Webmaster Team write in their official article, They said Using both sitemap XML/RSS in search console will get optimal crawling. XML sitemap will only give information about your website/blog links to search console and RSS/Atom sitemap will tell all about the content updates and will help to index current content in search engine. So Let's start the tutorial and i will try to share video tutorial for freshers as soon as possible.

Before submitting we need to generate a sitemap link, you must verify your xml sitemap link by following steps below, So in the first part we verify our XML sitemap link and in the second part we will submit it to Search Console (Webmaster Tools). You can navigate to your sitemap by adding "/sitemap.xml" to the end of the base URL of your blog. for step by step please follow the steps below.

  1. Copy the link below and change DomainName text with your blog/domain name.
  3. If you are using .blogspot free domain then your sitemap link will look like this:
  5. And paste it into your browser address bar and hit enter
  6. after hitting enter button the sitemap file will look like image below:

How to Submit it to Search Console (Webmaster Tools)

Note: before submitting xml sitemap please remove all the old rss sitemap from the sitemap list.
  1. Goto Search Console >> Crawl >> Sitemap and click on the add sitemap button at the right top corner.
  2. After click the button a popup window will appear with input
  3. in the input field just type "sitemap.xml" and click submit sitemap button
  4. take a look at the image below:

So that's it, All has been done.

Search Console (Webmaster Tools) will take upto 1 week to recrawl your blog and your blog sitemap will be updated. In our next tutorial we will learn about why should we need to submit RSS sitemap to search console, so till then stay updated by subscribing our email feed or you can also join us on social network, on Facebook, Twitter, pinterest and keep in touch. it's your choice which one is suitable to you. Stay Blessed..!! Happy Blogging.

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