Check Malaysia's General Work Permit Status

Since from last 4 years I’m living in Malaysia, I have something about immigration visa permit procedure and normally it’s very difficult to know without hiring an agent/consultant. In this tutorial, I gonna share some useful stuff which will help the foreigners living in Malaysia.
The common question everyone will ask how to check Permit Status Online. In past Malaysian immigration do provide a service to check the Permit Status using Passport number of foreigner worker but in 2014 while they were updating the system they stop the service to check permit status through Passport number.

Nowadays if someone wishes to check the status of their work permit they must have “Application Number (Nombor Permohonan), Employer Identification Number (No. Kad Pengenalan Majikan) and last but not least Company Registration Number (No. Pendaftaran Syarikat)” Formally known as ROC Number in Peninsular Malaysia. I will also share the way how to find out the ROC to check your permit/employment pass status.
To do so, we must have the Company Name which you can find on your sticker (PLKS) you have placed on your Passport or if you don’t have the passport you may have I-Kad, you can grab it from your I-Kad or in most cases from your permit copy provided by employer or sub-agent.
So now if you got the name of your company, let’s start to check the status. Keep note that in this tutorial we will only learn how to check the status general work permit, which is issued under these 5 approved sectors.

Construction, Manufacturing, Plantation, Agriculture and Service Sector

Checkout video guide as well

About MyData-SSM:

MYDATA was founded in 2016 to provide users with a single, direct electronic access point to the official company registration offices in Malaysia. We have been appointed by the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) - Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) as its Technology and Service Provider for the SSM MYDATA Services. MYDATA is a legitimate and legal source of information on companies and businesses incorporated and registered in Malaysia.

Getting Your Company ROC Number By Using Your Company Name

  • Go to the following website
  • Write your company in the search box and you will get the result something like this:

  • In the row of Number is your company ROC number (There are chances to have the duplicate company registered under the same name but ROC can’t be same. Make sure by checking the company on your Sticker (PLKS), & also make sure that your company is Enterprise or Private Limited (SDN BHD).

Now we have the ROC Number Let’s Proceed To Next Step

  • Go to the following link of Immigration e-services.
  • The page should look something like this (if it’s not same let us know we will update the screen shot)

  • Now just put your ROC number into the input (No. Pendaftaran Syarikat or Company Registration Number) & click on search button & system will the table of result just below the input section. That’s it..!!
Note that there may be more than one row/page of results (If your company hired more than 20 foreigner workers, you can use navigation button at the right bottom corner of the table to navigate your status.

The purpose of the tutorial is to just give awareness to foreigners living in Malaysia and it will help you to stay safe from lies of your legal or non-legal agent. 
All the web pages and logos used in this tutorial and property of the respective owner any illegal of the service may cause legal action.  Peace & Blessing Bodies…!! :)

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