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I have written tutorials on Immigration, Fomema & MayTravelPass to travel to & from Malaysia, the lack of knowledge regarding application submission & process force them to search for help online & I receive many queries on how to check fomema status, work permit verification & permit renewal & delivery status. So I have tried my best to help them on messenger & write more informative tutorials.

There are 3 ways to submit your worker's permit renewal, Immigration counter (may not serving due to COVID-19 Pandemic), ePLKS & Myeg (Government's Official e-Service Provider). If you have submitted the renewal at Immigration Counter then you don't have to worry about the verification but in case you have hired a third party such as Visa Consultant or Travel Agent then you may worry about the status of the renewal (we suggest that don't hire street agents they will spoil everything).

In this post, we are going to talk about Myeg permit renewal Status, delivery & learn more about the status shown by Myeg  & compare them with the Immigration website (if your application is approved by Immigration).

Update 29 Sep 2021: Myeg eServices Application download link added.

What Myeg Really Do?

Myeg provides services such as renewal of Vehicle Road Tax, Mykad Replacement, Pay JPJ Summons & Foreign Workers permit renewal.

I always help my Employer to submit the renewal of my work permit & save RM 1000 through Myeg without the hassle and the unique part of the service is I can track every stage of the renewal.

Let's have a look at the Delivery Status (Myeg & Verification with Immigration):

Note: Prepare your Passport # & Company ROC #.

1. Go to (or you can Install Myeg eServices App from Google PlayStore)

2.  Choose Immigration Foreign Worker, Input your Passport # & Company ROC (Registration #)

3. & Click Check Status.

You will get the result something like this (if your application is approved by the Immigration Department):

Now we will take look into the Immigration system to know the status there:

1. Goto

2. Enter Company ROC/Registration # & Press Search Button

If your application is approved that means Myeg will make payment to immigration to get sticker printing approval. You can check the text in the yellow area above to know more about the status definition.

There are many reasons for unsuccessful permit renewals but the common problems are:

  1. The permit expiry date is less than 7 days (if renewing from Myeg).
  2. The balance of the passport validity is less than 1 year.
  3. Passport has expired.
  4. FOMEMA medical check-up failed.
  5. No valid insurance.
  6. A foreign worker or employer is blacklisted.

Now we will go to the second status after making Levi payment.

If the application status shows the Pay/Bayar that means your application has been approved by Immigration Department & Myeg just paid the levy & they are now processing to print your permit sticker, but the status will remain the same "Processing".

When they process the sticker printing both Myeg & Immigration will change the status of the application into their system. 

The Status should be something like this:

Myeg: "Pending Delivery"

Immigration: "Print"

Note: If your company is appointed the representative(s) of the company must be a Malaysian with a valid MyKad & email address. The representative must be present at the office at the arranged time and provide their MyKad for biometric thumbprint verification.

Let's take look at the status Screenshot:

You will receive the permits within 4 working days for all successful renewals provided that the records are found in the database and upon receipt of approval from the Immigration Department.

In case they are not able to verify the data, a delay is to be expected as the records will be forwarded to Immigration to be re-verified.

& now take a look at the status on Immigration Website:

Congratulations your permit renewal application have been completed successfully :) 

Now let us check the last status from Myeg after the delivery:

That's it :)

All deliveries will be done by Myeg own Logistics and Customer Service Officers. Please ensure the foreign worker passport is available during the delivery for Myeg to paste the renewed permit on the worker's passports. Employer/Boss will also be required to produce MyKad to confirm acknowledgment of the permits.

I hope the explanation above helps you to understand the process of renewal, delivery & verification of your work permit. Peace & Blessings bodies :)



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