Benefits Of Writing Blog Post's In Windows Live Writer

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Are you like creating awesome blog posts or wish to give-up beauty makeup to your college, school, party photo albums on the web blog, Then Window Live Writer desktop app will solve your problem without any cost, yes we are talking about Microsoft free tool Windows Live Editor, live editor is the Rolling Stones of Web blogging, it's a legend that's been around forever, and has had its peaks and valleys.

What makes using Live Editor a lot more comfortable than posting with browser or other blogger editor?  lets start learn about Features!

Using Windows Live Writer you can give professional look to your blog posts, which you can not give in blogger html editor. Blogger post editor messes up the Source code and adds html tags itself which sometimes distorts the original formatting of your content.

Here's a handy checklist to help you making decision

  • The most useful feature is "plugins" which allows you to make blog post look awesome.
  • Write posts offline without logging into your Google account.
  • Add local images from your hard drive or by pasting just URL of your image, no matter where URL Come from. Even you can create an photo album with stunning effect using custom image editing plugins.
  • Upload your images to FTP Server automatically after setting up.
  • Add videos from hard drive, web and from YouTube.
  • Add Bing map to your blog posts. Maps comes in three views, Road, Aerial, or Bird's eye.
  • Add heading's easily.  
  • Categories and Tags.
  • Spell Checker and Auto Replace.
  • Right Typography.
  • Offline Draft.
  • Supports All Leading  CMS (Content Management System).

Blogger editor only allows fix options for image re-sizing in post editor Small, Large, Medium, X Large, Original Size. You can not write HTML code just the way it looks in blogger editor because the code is interpreted as a command and blogger editor converts it to how it may look in a browser, But in windows live editor you can re-size image any size,which means that you can scale them at any pixel and ability to add custom effect to your images by using third party plugins.

Plugins for Windows Live Writer

Plug-ins are available in English language only. Microsoft has not verified third-party plug-ins, so only install plug-ins from developers you trust. While files from the Internet can be useful, this file type can potentially harm your computer.

You can search open source plugins which is compatible with live editor and add manually by going into C:\Program Files >>Windows Live>>Writer>>Plugins and paste the plugin DLL file in present folder. We are sharing our mostly used plugins, check it out and let us know your thoughts by using comment form.

Auto Collage

Image Composite Editor

Visit Microsoft Plugin page for learn more about the plugins

Supported Blogging Platforms

WordPress, TypePad, Movable Type, Blogger, MSN Live Spaces, Drupal and Blogger API,

We hope you enjoy reading our post, Tell us what editor you would like to use, and we'll give you sage advice. Don’t forget to subscribe us and share the above tips on social networks.

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