Finding Code in Blogger Template Editor

You have started a blog? Brilliant! After starting a blog you must need to know how to find codes in your blog html editor, Today i will teach you how to find code in blogger template editor, Finding code in editor is not very big task but in case if you are a  beginner blogger it’s very important to tell you the basic use of blogger interface. So always when you make any changes in your widgets, navigation or you wish to add new code, like CSS, HTML, JavaScript and so on, then may be the below steps will help you in the way you want. I’m going to outline exactly what you need to do to get started.

How to find code in blogger template editor

before searching anything ensure that your editor window is active, you can activate it by clicking in editor windows area (blank white area), without clicking in the editor window you can't find code in the whole template.

So let’s get started by watching video

so in the video above you have learn basic steps for the searching codes in the blogger template editor, in the our next video we will learn how to backup your template and how to upload template using backup and upload tool in blogger dashboard so till then take care of yourself, see you in our next video.

Ask us and share your thoughts

Share with us your thoughts. What do you think about the tips in the above video, For further help please watch complete video and we hope it will help you a lot, In case of any trouble don’t hesitate to ask us below in the comment form, we always happy to help our users as much as possible.

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