How To Create Account of Valyou Mobile Wallet

The Remittance Service we will discuss in this tutorial formally known as Prabhu Bank. Let's me familiarize you with the background the of company, in May 2016, Telenor (Norway Based International Company) acquired Prabhu Money Transfer Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian-based licensed Remittance Service Provider that provides multi-country international remittance services. Telenor Group on Nov 15 2016 change the name of company Prabhu to Valyou, and make the service more convenient to its user by making addition of Mobile Wallet solutions in Malaysia. The registered & verified user of Valyou Mobile App can send money to Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippine and India as well as pay bills, mobile top up and share money Valyou to Valyou Wallet user.

In this post we will learn how to Register using Valyou app & how to verify your account to premium by going to the certified agent of Valyou.

How To Create Account

Before starting to be sure that you have copy of your Passport (Copy Must Be Clear to ready the required data easily) to scan and upload to the server of Valyou App.
  1. Click on the app icon to start
  2. Click on Register 
  3. Check the user agreement icon and click register now 
  4. Enter your Identification No. (Passport Number), Mobile No. and click continue
  5. Enter your date of birth given & family name and click continue (same as passport)
  6. Now enter the expiry & issue date of your passport
  7. Select passport in ID type from drop down
  8. Select your nationality from drop down & Click Register
The automated system of Valyou app will sent you an one time password (OTP) which only valid for 2 minutes, enter the password and click submit and again click on register button.

Setup new password and security question (it's mandatory)

  1. Click go to login using password sent to your register mobile number and you have to change it after first time login (it's mandatory to change your password) upon first login 
  2. Now login again and set your security question (in my case i will select my high school)
  3. Now login again and click on upgrade (accept the user agreement and click upgrade now
  4. Verify your date of birth, given name and family name and click continue
  5. Verify your passport expiry and issue date, id type, nationality and press register
  6. Press on take photo and capture the clear picture of your passport and upload it to Valyou Server
  7. Great now you have Enhanced Valyou account 

How to get premium account

You have to personally go to the any Merchant of Valyou (CICO) to verify your identity to premium account and enable you to make International transaction. You must have the A4 size color copy of passport or original passport to get your account verified by Merchant of Valyou, make sure you must go along with active mobile number which have used to register.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this handy service provided by Valyou, Let me know if it lived up to your expectations, If you need help don't hesitate to ask anything in the comment form below or you may contact Valyou Customer Care to get the location of nearest Merchant of Valyou.

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