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In an earlier post, we have learned how to send money to Pakistan from the debit card using the worldremit online portal, I this we going to learn how to send money to India using the same method, but the difference between India & Pakistan transfer is just filling up the recipient bank account detail on recipient form.

Authorized & Supportive
WorldRemit's industry-leading technology protects your money and guarantees it arrives safely every time. They are licensed by government regulators around the world so you can be sure they meet the highest possible standards.

7/24 great support, you can call them using Skype, Toll-Free #: +1 888-961-4869

Signup For New Account

The following information is required to create an account with WorldRemit.
  • Send from:
  • First Name:
  • Last Name: (Please enter your full name as per your driving license or passport)
  • Email:
That’s it.
Now we have to verify the email address which we used to create the account, you will receive an email with a verification link, you have to follow the instructions to verify your identity by uploading your Work Permit, I-Kad, Passport or NRIC (If you are a citizen of the country where you sending from), Selfie & Bank Account Statement (you can download from internet banking account or simply grab it from your email address if you already subscribed for eStatement) or Utility Bill to verify your address (I will upload the video Guide Soon In Sha Allah).

How To Send Money

  • Now log into your account & select the recipient country i.e India and click get started.
  • You will be prompted to select the available partner in your recipient country
  • all most every country, there are 3 methods Cash Pick-up, Bank Deposit and Mobile account.

In our case, I will choose the Bank-Deposit (money will be transferred to personal accounts at all major banks within 2 working days and instantly Cash Pick-up & Mobile Account). Please note that WorlRemit will not transfer to business accounts.

and fill up the sending form as follow:

  • Sending from:
  • Select Collection method
  • Select Receive/Send
  • Enter sending amount
The completed sending form will look something like this:

It will show you the live exchange rates, & its the best exchange rate I every found in Malaysia. If you satisfy with it just click on send & fill up the recipient detail as below, to get all the input info. Please refer to passbook/chequebook.

You will get free first transaction by using our Promo Code and surely we will also get. Enter the following promo code just below the transaction summary (as you see in the image above). "Enter a Promo code".

When you have all the required information filled up click next to make payment using Debit Card (Only Debit Card Payment Method allowed in Malaysia, your country may have a different payment option.)

Choose Debit/Credit Card & quickly click Next button, it will take you the following page:

For Privacy, I have to hide my billing address. Before clicking pay make sure that your Debit Card Activated for Online Purchase & Overseas Transaction, you can easily activate your card by calling your bank or Card issuer if its already activated go-ahead to fill up all the required detail.
  1. Enter 16 digits of your Card Number
  2. Date of Expiry
  4. Finally, click on pay.
  5. Enter the OTP Code 
Note with caution: After entering OTP & clicking ok please don't close or refresh browser window or turn off/disconect your internet connection until you got transaction detail & receipt for your transaction. 

Take look at our video guide

Here is a useful article on to stay safe while using Debit/Credit Card online.
Need further help please let me know and more stuff on the way, keep visiting for future updates and more useful tutorials.

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