Malaysia MyTravelPass: How to Submit & Check MyTravelPass Application Status

Many of you may know that Malaysia Immigration requires an approval letter of DG Immigration before entry or exit to the Malaysian border to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

In Sep. 2020 they launch the website MyTravelpass to submit your entry or exit application prior to your travel plan, in 1st phase they only allow temporary Employment Visa holder, MM2H & who have Spouse Visa, later on, they extended to all Visa & Work Permit holder but approvals are limited case to case basis. 

In this post, I would you take look at how you can submit your application & later on check the status of your application. 

in this tutorial I will submit an entry application for Visit Pass (Temporary Employment Holder) & will take look at general terms of other Visa & Work Permit Categories how you can submit an application. 

so let's start...

MyTravelPass Application Guidelines


a. The application should be made by the EMPLOYER.

b. Entry permission application must be sent through

c. Documents to be attached :

  • Official application letter from employer;
  • Frontpage of the foreign worker’s passport & latest Visit Pass(Temporary Employment);
  • Latest exit stamp;
  • SSM e-info;
  • Employer’s Identity Card;
  • Contract / Letter of Award for the construction sector;
  • The current contract for the cleaning service sector. 

d. An employer is permitted to bring in a maximum of 30 foreign workers per entry.

All documents must be uploaded in the form of ✶pdf not exceeding 250kb each✶

Please take note that entry into Malaysia is subject to approval and Immigrations’ vetting. Please be aware that any false reports/statements/representations are an offence under section 56(1)(f) Immigration Act 1959/63. Any changes in the decisions are subject to the current government directive.


A foreign worker who is currently abroad and has obtained permission to enter Malaysia during Movement Control Order Period, must follow the procedures below;

a. Foreign worker is required to undergo PCR COVID-19 test screening abroad at least THREE (3) days and medically confirmed to be tested negative from COVID-19 prior to entering Malaysia and;

b. It is compulsory to download and install “MySejahtera” mobile application before departure and;

c. Permitted Malaysia entry points ONLY via Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), KLIA 2, Bayan Lepas International Airport and Sultan Ismail Senai International Airport and;

d. Visa Pass Temporary Employment is still valid with re-entry visa (Single Entry Visa / Multiple Entry Visa) OR;

e. Valid Visa Pass Temporary Employment without re-entry visa (Single Entry Visa)

Applicable to all nationality which are required to obtain visa prior entry.

  • As per guideline no 2a - 2c
  • Required to obtain a visa without reference (VTR) from the respective Malaysian Embassy / Consulate General / High Commission prior to entering Malaysia

f. Expired Visa Pass Temporary Employment

Applicable to all nationality regardless of visa requirement.

  • As per guideline no 2a - 2c
  • Required to obtain a visa without reference (VTR) from the respective Malaysian Embassy / Consulate General / High Commission prior to entering Malaysia
  • Fees for conversion of pass to Visa Pass Temporary Employment will be borned by the worker(s) or/and respected employer.


a. The foreign worker is to undergo compulsory quarantine at quarantine facilities as directed by The National Agency for Disaster Management (NADMA) & Ministry of Health (MOH) upon arrival to Malaysia and all cost/fees shall be borne by you or your employer and;

b. The foreign worker is to provide a Letter of Approval to enter Malaysia to the Immigration Officer at the entry point together with the result of the PCR COVID-19 test.

c. All recruitment of foreign workers upon arrival at the immigration checkpoint must be made by the employers/representative of the employers/agency appointed by the employers.

d. All appointments with the Immigration Department of Malaysia have to be done via Sistem Temujanji Online (STO) at

IMPORTANT NOTE A non-Malaysian traveller is required to bear the cost of the Covid-19 test and quarantine charges before arrival in Malaysia. Please refer to the URL link below to make payment. Myeg Safe Travel.

If you have no objection to accept all the terms & conditions & guidelines then you are good to go with your entry/exit application.

Submit MyTravelPass Application

To submit your application you have to prepare the following list of application to proceed with submission. 

  1. Official application letter from employer; View Sample
  2. Frontpage of the foreign worker’s passport & latest Visit Pass(Temporary Employment);
  3. Latest exit stamp; View Sample
  4. SSM e-info; (Company_Profile) View Sample
  5. Employer’s Identity Card;
  6. Contract / Letter of Award for the construction sector; (if Construction Work Permit)
  7. The current contract for the cleaning service sector. (applicable to cleaner permit holders)

If you have prepared all the above documents let's go to submit your application

Fill up the form & upload all the documents 1 by 1:
  1. Passport Frontpage
  2. Work Permit
  3. Exit/Entry Stamp
  4. Employer Letter
  5. Employer IC Front & Back
  6. & SSM e-info
If you have more than 1 applicant then you have to select the 2nd applicant check box to enter the data 2nd applicant (worker) data & upload supporting documents but make sure you have mentioned all the worker name on the employer letter & you have to upload separate supporting documents for each applicant (worker)...

If you fine with your application accept terms & condition by clicking the check box at bottom of the form and click submit. 

That's it we have done it. :)

you will receive an email confirmation that look like this:

Check the Status of MyTravelPass Application

Now the step is to check the status of your application if takes longer than usual, I will suggest you keep your eyes on your email inbox, there you will find the reply with 5-10 working days. 

It should something like this:

If your application got rejection they will state the reason for rejection, in our case, they said "you are from a country where COVID-19 cases are more than 150K" & if you get approved you will receive the following letter attached in the approval email:
Now we will try to learn how to check the status of the submitted application.

2. Enter application #


3. Passport # 
4. Choose the Nationality of the applicant & finally click the SEARCH button.

Hooray! You can see that the following application has been approved :) and he got the approval we have shared above. 

That's it for today, let us know if you have any questions or need help to submit your MyTravelPass application or to help you check your application status. 

Peace & Blessing :)

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