Malaysia: How to Submit & Check Re-Entry PLKS Application Status

Many of you may know that Malaysia Immigration requires an approval letter from DG Immigration before entry to the Malaysian border to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

In Sep. 2020 they launch the website MyTravelpass to submit your entry or exit application before your travel plan, in 1st phase they only allow temporary Employment Visa holders, MM2H & who have Spouse Visa, later on, they extended it to all Visa & Work Permit holder but approvals are limited case to case basis. 

MyTravelPass program ended on 31/03/2022 and was replaced with Re-entry PLKS on the 12th of April 2022, follow the guide below to submit your re-entry PLKS application.

so let's start...

Re-entry PLKS Application Guidelines

All employers who wish to bring back stranded workers in their home countries due to the Covid-19 pandemic have to submit Re-entry Pass Lewatan Kerja Sementara (PLKS) application, only expired permit holders whose permits are expired between 18 March 2020 to 15 April 2022 and foreign worker are outside Malaysia during that period. Foreign workers who are in Malaysia during that period and completed the renewal of PLKS are not eligible to apply, the application period is until 30 June 2022.


  • Application should be made by the EMPLOYER.
  • Application to be made through online
  • Applicant needs to provide the following documents:-
    1. Official application letter from employer;
    2. Front page of the foreign worker’s passport (passport must be valid);
    3. SSM e-info;
    4. Employer’s Identity Card;
    5. Foreign worker’s Vaccination certificate;

All documents must be uploaded in the form of ✶pdf not exceeding 250kb each✶


1.Foreign worker must undergo COVID-19 PCR test three (3) days or 72 hours before departure to Malaysia;

2.Foreign worker must completely vaccinated prior to enter Malaysia;

3. It is compulsory to download and install “MySejahtera” mobile application before departure.


a. Foreign worker must present passport and MTP Approval during immigration clearance at Point of Entry;
b. Foreign worker will be subjected to health screening at the Point of Entry;
c. Foreign workers will be subjected to the quarantine period set by the relevant agency and cost shall be fully borne by employer;
d. All entry of foreign workers are subjected to current immigration procedures, rules and regulation during immigration clearance at point of entry. Failure to comply will be denied entry.


Upon arrival in Malaysia, foreign worker needs to comply to the following procedures :-

  1. Foreign worker must present passport and Re-Entry PLKS Approval during immigration clearance at Point of Entry.
  2. Foreign worker will be subjected to health screening at the Point of Entry.
  3. Foreign workers will be subjected to the quarantine period set by the relevant agency and cost shall be fully borne by employer.
  4. All entry of foreign workers are subjected to current immigration procedures, rules and regulation during immigration clearance at point of entry. Failure to comply will be denied entry.

  1. Please take note that entry into Malaysia is subject to approval and Immigration vetting. The approval is not given automatically.
  2. Any errors in the information entered by the applicant cannot be amended and the applicant must re-submit the application.
  3. Please be aware that any false reports/statements/representations are an offence under section 56(1)(f) Immigration Act 1959/63.
  4. The application will be processed within 14 working days. Application status can be checked online at
  5. Any enquiries could be made online at
  6. Any changes in the decisions are subject to a current government directive.
  7. All recruitment of foreign workers upon arrival at the immigration checkpoint must be made by the employers/representative of the employers/agency appointed by the employers.
  8. All appointments with the Immigration Department of Malaysia are done via SistemTemujanjiOnline (STO) at

Submit Re-entry PLKS Application

To submit your application you have to prepare the following list of documents to proceed with submission.

  1. Official application letter from employer; View Sample
  2. Frontpage of the foreign worker’s passport & latest Visit Pass(Temporary Employment);
  3. Latest exit stamp; View Sample
  4. Vaccination Digital Certificate Issued by the Health Ministry Must be in English/Malay 
  5. SSM e-info; (Company_Profile); View Sample
  6. Employer’s Identity Card;
  7. Contract / Letter of Award for the construction sector;
  8. The current contract for the cleaning service sector.

If you have prepared all the above documents let's go to submit your application.

  1. Go to & Click Re-Entry PLKS.

  2. Now made selections from the drop-down:
        1. Select Sub-Category Foreign Worker or Maid.
        2. Select the Sector from the list as per the work permit.
        3. Travel Description

  3. Fill up the employer/sponsor information.
    If Re-entry Application is for Foreign Worker Select Company & for Maid Click Individual.

  4. Input company ROC, Company Name, Contact Person, Address, Mobile number & email address.
  5. Finally, input the worker detail and upload the documents.

  6. Fill up the form & upload all the documents 1 by 1:

  1. Passport Frontpage;
  2. Work Permit (applicable to expired permit as well);
  3. Exit/Entry Stamp;
  4. Vaccination Certificate/Passport (Starting from 29 Sep 2021);
  5. Employer Letter;
  6. Employer IC Front & Back;
  7. & SSM e-info.

If you have more than 1 applicant then you have to select the 2nd applicant check box to enter the data 2nd applicant (worker) data & upload supporting documents but make sure you have mentioned all the worker names on the employer letter & you have to upload separate supporting documents for each applicant (worker).

You can merge the files into one (i.e passport & entry stamp into 1 PDF or JPG file if you facing attachment files are exceed the limit allowed by the Re-Entry PLKS Portal
If you are fine with your application accept the terms & conditions by clicking the check box at bottom of the form and submit. 

That's it we have done it. :)

you will receive an email confirmation that looks like this:

A confirmation email of the Re-Entry PLKS application

I will suggest you keep your eyes on your inbox, where you will find the reply within 14 working days. 

Email confirmation something looks like this:

If your application got rejected they will let you know the reason for rejection, in our case, they said "you are from a country where COVID-19 cases are more than 150K" & if you get approved you will receive the following letter attached in the approval email or you can download the letter from Re-entry PLKS portal by going to Check Application Status.

Things to Note:

1. This entry permit is only applicable for PLKS holders who have expired from 18 March 2020 only.

2. This permission letter is only valid until 30 June 2022.

3. Foreign workers from countries who require a visa to enter Malaysia must obtain a visa at the High Commission/Embassy Malaysia before travelling.

4. Arriving employees must comply with all conditions related to Covid-19.

5. Employers must conduct the PLKS coordination process immediately at the Foreign Workers Division, Immigration Office according to the address of the employer.

6. The Immigration Office (Entrance Control) must refer the case to the State Immigration Office according to the employer's address for the purpose of PLKS coordination.

7. Please present this entry clearance letter upon arrival.

How to Check Re-Entry PLKS/MTP Application Status

2. Enter application #


3. Passport # 
4. Choose the Nationality of the applicant & finally click the SEARCH button.

Hurray! You can see that the following application has been approved :) and he got the approval we have shared above. 

If your long term pass visit/employment pass expired refer to Malaysia Embassy Visa Service to get a re-entry Visa (keep in mind re-entry visa fee is applicable as per schedule)
That's it for today, let us know if you have any questions or need help submitting your MyTravelPass application or to help you check your application status. 

Peace & Blessing :)

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  1. I'm a new international student and I've gotten my Travel Authorization through EMGS. Do i still need to apply for travel pass ?

    1. What should I do before travelling to Malaysia?
      Ensure that you have made flight arrangements to Malaysia. Please be advised that you are only allowed to enter Malaysia via KLIA and KLIA2 entry points. International Students that attempt to enter Malaysia from other entry points will be denied entry and may risk being deported to their country of origin.
      Once your departure date is confirmed, undergo the RT-PCR Covid-19 Test three (3) days before travelling to Malaysia. The RT-PCR Covid-19 test result must be translated in ENGLISH so that the respective authorities in Malaysia can inspect it.
      Next, please complete the online payment for the Quarantine and the Covid-19 Screening Test through MySafeTravel ( / MyQr application by MyEG ( This procedure is required as you will be required to undergo an RT-PCR test and quarantine upon arrival in Malaysia.
      Download the MySejahtera mobile application.MySejahterais an application developed by the Government of Malaysia to assist in monitoring COVID-19 outbreak in the country.
      Be very careful with your surroundings. Practice social distancing and good hygiene. Do your best to avoid any occasion that might expose you further to the COVID-19 virus.
      What will happen once I arrive in Malaysia?
      Upon arrival, you will be carefully escorted by the relevant authorities to the Ministry of Health (MOH) personnel. At this point, you will be required to show proof of the negative RT-PCR test result obtained from your country of origin.
      You are also required to show proof of the payment receipt of the Quarantine cost and the Covid-19 Screening Test from MySafeTravel ( / MyQr application by MyEG. Upon verification, you may proceed to the Immigration Counter for clearance to enter Malaysia.
      Once you have obtained clearance from the Immigration Department, you will be assigned to a quarantine station. Our EMGS representatives will be obtaining this information from you to be furnished to your institution.
      Government officials will then bring you to the quarantine station assigned to you. During this time, you are required to undergo quarantine for seven (7) to fourteen (14) days upon arrival to Malaysia before continuing your studies. The duration is subject to the students furnishing their RT-PCR Covid-19 test results at the international arrival gate. International students that are not able to provide RT-PCR Covid-19 test results or if the test results are not valid/acceptable by Ministry of Health, the students will be subjected to a quarantine period of ten (10) days.
      Please note that you will not be allowed to leave the quarantine premises throughout the quarantine period.
      On the 5th day (For a quarantine period of 7 days) or 8th day (For a quarantine period of 10 days) or 10th day (For a quarantine period of 14 days), you will undergo an antibody test. If your result shows as negative, you will be given a release order and your institution will make travel arrangements for you to return to the institution, however, if your result is positive, MOH guidelines will apply.
      Please take note that students with nationality or coming from the United Kingdom and India are not allowed to enter Malaysia

    2. What should I do once my Visa Approval Letter is approved/extended?

      Once your Visa Approval Letter is approved by the Immigration Department, a Travel Authorisation Letter will be issued along with it.
      To access these documents, please enter the relevant information under the following fields in Track My Application

      Travel Document Number
      Application Type: Student Visa

      You will see an option to download the eVAL and Travel Authorisation Letter. Download these documents and make sure you keep a copy of it in your mobile phone.
      You may be required to apply for a Single Entry Visa (Depending on your nationality) prior to travelling to Malaysia. Please check with your Malaysian Mission for more information on this matter.

      Once you have obtained all of these documents, you may proceed to travel to Malaysia.

      Learn more:

  2. May i know, if the application rejected could i apply it again?

    1. Yes Daisy, you can apply again but update your application if the rejection reason is missing of documents, ask the support team by sending them email.

      I hope it's help, let me know if you have any questions.

    2. Oh i see. Thanks for replying. Because i have a worker from nepal back to hometown for his holiday on feb 2020 but he cant get back during mco and the work permit was not able to renew for year 2021 since his passport is on his hand caused the permit forced to expired so i'm really hope this will be worked to let him back for work.

    3. 1st step: you have to apply for travelpass if approved proceed to step 2.

      2nd step: your worker will apply for embassy for visit visa at Malaysia embassy in Nepal.

      3rd Step: if he is vaccinated you have option to apply for home quarantine and pcr test is required upon arrival.

      4th step: within 15 days of his arrival you have submit hi permit renewal application.

      Let me know if you have any questions.

  3. May i know more of the information at step 4? cuz his permit already expired on year 2020 or does it means we need to convert the VTR to VP(TE)?

    1. Hello,

      You have apply for MyTravelPass & upload the expired Permit, if you get the entry approval then ask your employee to visit nearest Malaysian Embassy/High Commission to apply VTR (Visa may applicable as per Schedule Of Charges).

      "Foreign worker must undergo COVID-19 PCR test three (3) days or 72 hours before departure to Malaysia;
      Foreign worker must completely vaccinated prior to enter Malaysia;
      It is compulsory to download and install “MySejahtera” mobile application before departure and;
      Visa Pass Temporary Employment is still valid with re-entry visa (Single Entry Visa / Multiple Entry Visa) OR;
      Valid Visa Pass Temporary Employment without re-entry visa (Single Entry Visa) / Expired Visa Pass Temporary Employment
      Applicable to all nationality which are required to obtain visa prior entry.
      As per guideline no 2a - 2c
      Required to obtain a visa without reference (VTR) from the respective Malaysian Embassy / Consulate General / High Commission prior to entering Malaysia"

      let me know if you have any questions.

  4. How do I submit the permit renewal application when he arrival?

    1. As usual (if Fomema required) apply for Fomema online registration (if Fomema required) and submit your renewal through Myeg or ePLKS portal.

    2. but his permit already expired in year 2020..... so did myeg still allow to make a renewal for him after skipped 1 year?

    3. VTR is enough to submit the renewal, there is exemption due to COVID-19 Pandemic, further more please send an email to Immigration by visit this link (, I hope the things becomse bright :)

      let me know if you have any questions.

      Ishtiaq Ahmad

    4. Noted. i will try it! and i just got the approval of MTP for the nepal worker after seen your post then tried. so thankful for that.

    5. You welcome Daisy.

      I'm more than happy to help you :)

  5. Hello, our business partner would like to travel to MY. And, in the MyTravelPass, and we have to include a letter of invitation. May I ask, would you have a sample to share.

    And, do we need to include travel itinerary?

    Thanks much

    1. Do you have approved Porfessional Visit Visa?

  6. hi, when should i start applying my travel pass if my maid is going back to her country for 3 months starting early march 22, and her multiple reentry visa is still valid until next year feb. and i hired my maid to take care of my sick mother, so do i still required ssm?? thanks

    1. Hi Leow,

      Immigration Department abolish the my Travelpass for valid long term pass holders, that mean you don't need to apply for Travel pass shee still hold valid logn terms pass at the point of re-entry.

      Standard SOPs must be followed at the time of departure from maid's home country.

      Let us know if you have any questions.

  7. hi, may i know if i wish to apply for my maid to come to malaysia using mytravelpass, 1 of the criteria is i need to submit SSM info, i dont hv SSM as my maid is for household work. May I know how should i submit that?

    1. Hello Shin,

      You don't need to submit SSM, Maid permit issued under the IC, so please upload the MYKAD front-back and submit your appliction with other related documents. I hope this help.

      you can email us at if require any assistance.


  8. Thank you for your reply, about the application form is a letter i write to apply for her to come in, am i correct?
    and may i know now philiphino can enter malaysia with mytravelpass? am i correct? any other criteria that i should follow?

    1. You can download the letter soft copy by clicking the View Sample link.

      Yes, as per Malaysia's SOPs Philippines national can enter Malaysia.

      Criteria is mentioned on MTP website.

  9. and may i know the cost of getting my travel pass?

    1. MTP approval is free of cost and there is no charges to apply for MTP.

  10. what is the payment and payment method after approval?

    1. Re-entry Approval is free of cost, you don't need make payment after approval.

  11. is mean all the visa / pass fees are paid after arrived Malaysia?

    1. Visa with reference fee charged by Consulate of Malaysia abroad. Visit the consulate website of relevant country.

      Steps after arrival:
      1. Apply for SP (can applied online through ePLKS portal)
      2. Submit permit application for approval
      3. Make the payment of permit levy
      4. Visit JIM branch for permit sticker.

      Let me know if you have any questions.