HBL Mobile Banking Features Update to Advance Card Management

HBL becomes the country's first bank to introduce credit/debit card management features to its Mobile Banking App, the features include activation & deactivation of credit/Debit card, Manage limit enhancement, Pin change, pin generate as well as to activate and deactivate the card usage features on different platforms such as e-commerce, Pos transactions, ATM usages, online shopping, overseas usage and block your country for a specific country.

In this post, we will take look at all these new features to understand how we can get a better user experience by activating and deactivating these features without calling to customer service centre.

The update which came live on 30 march 2021 introduces major changes to its core design with the new look and feel as well as added dark mode option to just top left menu with toggle buttons, I'm gonna share a very brief overview of major credit/debit card transactions block & unblock features.

As you can see in the above update flashcard they share 6 major updates notes:

  1. Search instantly
  2. Lock Account Dashboard
  3. Block/unblock cards & online usage
  4. Enhanced balance statement
  5. Dark Mode
  6. last but not least News Updates

Search Instantly

Sometimes, it’s very hard to find exactly what you’re looking for. HBL Mobile Banking introduced a new way for you to search for information in your HBL Mobile App.

With this new search mode, called In Apps Search, you can quickly find content from installed apps. To access this feature, go to the "More" menu at the top right corner you will the search bar at the top of your mobile screen.

Lock Account Dashboard

Without an option to hide your account balance in the app, anyone behind you or in front of your phone can see confidential private information, easily. The only way to avoid this would be to use your hand to cover account balance and that’s just not enjoyable to do while trying to do other things on the app.

Is that case for you too? if yes then your wait is over the feature required by the HBL Mobile app user is now live in HBL Mobile Banking app.

Credit/Debit Cards Usage 

HBL has introduced modernized card management features in the HBL Mobile app as well desktop version of Mobile Banking, with help of a management tool you can manage your card to Block, Change Pin, Limit Enhancement (if Credit Card, Advice! don't use if it's not interest-free), Advance Tax Certificate & Manage Different type of Transactions to Enable or Disable at your own ease. let's have look at the screenshot below:

Login to your HBL Mobile Banking app > goto Cards Management

To manage transactions you have to go to the Manage Card > Manage Transactions & click the toggle button to enable or disable any type of transaction against your debit or credit card.

as you can see in the screenshot above we have E-commerce, POS Payments, ATM, Contactless Payments, Allow Countries (Overseas Usage) & you have the option to block a specific country where you wish your card should not be used. 

Enhanced Balance Statement

Growing digital banking transaction demands a Simple Clear & Transparent view of your recent transaction your have done throughout Internet banking feature. HBL does enhance the balance statement graphically & more specific activity report shown in the account statement both on HBL Mobile App as well as in desktop internet banking. let have look at the screenshot below:

update include but not limited to show date wise transaction, credit & debit icon bigger than before & showing the transaction reference, account number & mobile number of beneficiary on the main screen of your account statement. 

Dark Mode & News Updates

The dark mode might reduce your users' engagement with your app. Your users are the reason that you have created your app & yes HBL listen is mostly a demanding feature of Dark Mode in its latest update.

There is another news updates button added to the app's bottom sliding menu to remain updated from headlines of what's going around the world. I would like to ask you is this appropriate to add such a feature to the Banking app? does this make any sense? don't forget to share your feedback.

Besides that, HBL Mobile Banking also includes the following features for Pro banking experience.


  • Access to account statement, transaction details and statement download facility
  • Transfer funds to own account, any HBL account and any other bank’s account
  • Payment of credit card bills, utility bills, mobile top-up, post-paid bills, pre-paid telco cards, e-Vouchers, excise/taxation, e-IPO, zakat/ donations, education fee, movie/bus/airline/event tickets
  • QR payments
  • Order food online
  • Online doctor consultation
  • Online shopping
  • Investment in HBL mutual funds and term deposit
  • SMS alerts for log-in and financial transactions
  • View HBL Card deals and discounts
  • HBL Cards management
  • Apply for travel and accidental insurance
  • Request for cheque book & banker’s cheque
  • Update CNIC expiry
  • Update contact details
  • Schedule recurring bill payments and fund transfers
  • Multiple bill payments in a single transaction
  • Generate withholding tax certificate
  • Loan management
  • Apply NOC for HBL PersonalLoan
  • Link and de-link your accounts
  • Save and share transaction receipts
  • Generate advance Tax Certificate
  • SMS alerts and e-Statement activation
  • Beneficiary management
  • Manage your transaction limits
  • Pakistan stock market updates
  • Complaint lodgment
  • Reward Points & instalment payment
  • Fingerprint-based and facial structure based biometric login
  • Access ATM and Branch Locator
An exciting list of services are now also available exclusively for Roshan Digital Account customers, enabling them to request for:

  • An eBanc Roshan Digital Account
  • Foreign currency funds transfer
  • CDC account opening
  • CDC funds transfers
  • Repatriation of funds
  • HBL CreditCard
  • HBL CarLoan

let us know what do you think about HBL mobile banking app in the comment section below. Till next update have peace & blessing :) 

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