How to Update Your Network to Banking System If Not Receiving OTP?

Have you ever switched your cellular network to stick with your clients on the same line & get better network & bundles from the different network provider? and having the same number registered with the Internet Banking of your financial institution. Yes, I have done that when I came back from Malaysia & Decided to convert my Ufone Sim to Zong to get better network Coverage & after successful conversion from Ufone to Zong I noticed that I'm not receiving OTP (One Time Pin/Password) while using my debit card online.  

After a bit of research on the web, I came to know that I have to update my Simcard network into Financial Institution's Banking System to receive OTP again. It's very easy to update if you are dealing with one financial institution but if you have more than one account then it may be time-consuming to update one by one. 

I have decided to share all the financial institution's guidelines here at your convenience to learn how to update your network in the banking system to receive OTP if you have switch networks in Pakistan. 

So let's Start:


Meezan Bank offers a one-time quick solution if you have switched network, Are you also facing problem in receiving SMS from your Bank? follow the steps below to update your network into Meezan Bank's messaging system.

Type "MNP" & Send it to 9060 & 8079, your network will be updated within 24 hours. unfortunately, they did not send any confirmation msg of the upgrade.


HBL also offers a very convenient way to update your network with their system just Type 'HBL' and send SMS to '9460'. you will receive the confirmation msg once the system detects your network.

Note: You may re-attempt once a confirmation message is received.


To update your Network to the Bank Alfalah system just simply TYPE "MNP" & send it to Bank Alfalah's Short Code 8287, it will be updated immediately but it can take up to 24 hours, you will receive a confirmation msg of Network detection.


If you have an account of UBL and you have ported your mobile number meaning, you switched the cellular network retaining your current phone number and are acing difficulty in receiving SMS alerts from the UBL bank the follow the step below to update your network to UBL messaging system

Go to the 'WRITE MESSAGE' option of your mobile phone and TYPE 'MNP' (without quote) and send a message to 8257.

Once done, you will receive a confirmation message once done. 


Coming Soon...

I will soon share others bank's shortcodes to update your network to the bank's messaging system, so stay tuned buddy. Peace & Blessing :)

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