JAZZ Pakistan Successfully Launched VoLTE In The Country

Voice Over LTE - Image Credit Nokia

In 2017 Jazz Successfully tested Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) with its Partners - Huawei & Nokia but later the environment was scrapped at the time,  In 2019 Telenor becomes the first Cellular Mobile Operator (CMO) to enable VoLTE across the network but supported by OPPO & Realme Manufactured Smartphones.

The Recent Mobile Network Benchmark Report Pakistan 2021 published by Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) shows that "currently, 4G/LTE networks deployed by Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOs) are not supporting VoLTE, CMOs need to improve call setup success rate (CSSR) & the average Call Setup Times (CST) are on a very good level for Circuit Switched Fall Back (CSFB) calls and can only be improved for pure VoLTE calls."

The report further says that "Zong is in the leading Position with overall good Voice Service but yet they are far away from launching VoLTE in the country. The report suggested to CMOs to further enhance the CSSR by deploying VoLTE networks across the country to ensure high-quality voice calls using advanced IMS core solutions. Through VoLTE, consumers will be able to make calls via 4G data network for better voice quality and users also be able to use voice and data at the same time."

Why VoLTE?

For the best experience on the VoLTE network, you'll need a phone that supports these key technologies:

Extended Range LTE helps deliver blazing-fast speeds on the VoLTE Supported network.

Voice over LTE (VoLTE) provides crisp, clear audio quality and helps prevent dropped calls.

Update 30 Sep 2021: List of Supported Devices Added

last night I got the VoLTE Signal with Jazz 4G in Punjab(Okara) & I was feel secured that now I can avoid roaming charges by activating WiFi-Calling while travelling abroad with Jazz 4G VoLTE enabled SimCard.

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There is no list of supported devices provided by Jazz but I'm trying to get a comment from jazz officials on the matter that there should be a list of devices supported by Jazz VoLTE Service.

list of Devices Currently Supported By Jazz VoLTE 

  • Samsung

    Galaxy A21s (Verified)
    Galaxy A32 (Verified)
    Galaxy A71 (Verified)

  • Iphone

  • Huawei

    P30 Lite (Verified)
    P30 Pro (Verified)
    P20 pro
    Mate 20 X
    Mate 20 X (5G)
    Porsche Design Mate RS
    Porsche Design Mate 20 RS
    Porsche Design Mate 10
    Mate XS
    Mate 20 lite
    Mate 20 Pro
    Mate 10 Pro
    Mate 10
    Mate 30 Pro 5G
    Nova 5T
    Nova 4 Dual
    Nova 7i (Verified)
    Y9 Prime (Verified)
    Learn More

  • Vivo

    Vivo 21e (Verified)

    Vivo 21

  • Nokia

    Nokia 225 (Verified)

  • Redmi

    Coming Soon

Let me know if you have received the VoLTE Signal in your area, share your HD call experience with us in the comment below, it's possible you may not receive the VoLTE signal as this service is yet in the experimental phase based on usage data.

Our next post gonna show you how you can avoid roaming charges if you have VoLTE enabled Jazz Simcard & a supported smartphone. Peace & Blessing Bodies :)



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  1. Good work keep it up, I've Galaxy A21s as my spouse phone with jazz / warid sim card, can I activate VoLTE over there. If yes, please elaborate or post an article for step by step process for this specific phone pls.

    1. I'm glad to see you here & thanks for appreciation.

      A well explained article published by Android Central for Galaxy Phones:

      Visit the link above to activate the VoLTE.

      I'm waiting for Jazz WiFi Provision update to elaborate WiFi Calling feature as well along with VoLTE activation to avoid roaming charges which helps the frequent traveler to save money on making and receiving calls while visiting abroad.

      Let me know if you any questions :)

  2. So far operators are not interested to offer volte to masses, jazz and telenor both have claimed long ago for volte but didn't roll out the service yet

    1. Jazz successfully lunched VoLTE, Telenor too lunched the service but they support limited devices i.e Oppo and Realme.

      The recent report published by PTA in which they advised the Cellular operaters to enhance the service by launching VoLTE.

      Let's wait for future update.

  3. I have jazz/warid SIM and volte is working but no option in setting for WiFi calling.i think it's not available yet.and it is a mix of information regarding volte as most phones and Sims not getting volte.like I have volte SIM working in my Samsung S10 phone but when I put this SIM in different phone no volte and if I put other SIM in my phone no volte again.so it's confusing and related to service provider and for Samsung phonr CSC Is very important otherwise no volte

    1. Jazz/Warid don't have Wifi-calling yet even leading Cellular Service Provider Zong not offering Volte & Wifi-calling.

      Why Volte ia not working on all Smartphones?

      VoLTE can be a software or hardware limitation depending on the way the Backend for VoLTE called IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS Core) is exposed. If the IMS can be exposed on public internet, with a public IP, then VoLTE is a software only thing, but you cannot get assure quality of service. If the IMS cannot be exposed on public internet, but it run on a private secluded network, then get assured guaranteed quality of service, but the VoLTE becomes a hardware limitation as phone now need two different connection (One for data and one for IMS). Because the 4G standards requires VoLTE to guarantee Quality of Service, it is generally implemented on a private network, and thus it is a hardware dependent. If your chipset doesn’t support VoLTE functions/Application Processor, you might get VoLTE via public IMS hack, but you can never get Native VoLTE.

      But all modern devices have VoLTE support unless otherwise stated by Device manufacturers.

      Try to update software to latest version, it may help.

      Let us know if you have any questions.

  4. Any time frame of zong for enable VOLTE ....or zong not upgrading still for VOLTE...net update plz