How to Check Malaysia's Blacklisted/Cancelled Workpermit

In July 2019 Malaysian Immigration has cancelled work permits from defaulter companies or you may say companies established by moneymakers from foreigners by selling them work permits at high cost rather than employee them in their own projects. As a result of the action against these companies, approximately more than 30,000 work permits have been cancelled/Batal. That is the reason I got too many requests from Pakistani Nationals living in Malaysia to check the status of their work permit. 

The online tool which allows the public to check the work permit status individually by passport number is no longer live, Blocked by the Immigration Department of Malaysia but if you have a company ROC number (Company Registration Number) then you have the option to check the status of that particular company. By ROC number you can get the status of all work permits issued under that company but what about an individual? this is the question that forces a layman to ask in Whatsapp groups or call someone to help them to check the status. 

But today your search & call for help is over because I found the way to check your own work permit by just entering your passport Number & Nationality.

Check out our previous post to Get Visa Status Using ROC (Company Registration Number).
Follow the steps to check the status:

  2. Open the HTML file using Chrome or Firefox.
  3. You will see the following screen.

  4. In the screenshot above, you can see the highlighted area of Passport # & Nationality.
  5. Enter your Passport #, select your Nationality from the dropdown list & Press the Carian (Search Button) as shown in the image above.
  6. If the status shows CETAK (PRINT) that mean your permit is valid (if expiry is due), as shown in the image below.

But if the status shows BATAL (CANCEL) that mean your permit has been cancelled & you're not able to travel/exit anymore from or to Malaysia with your current visa status,
as shown in the image below:

I hope it will help you to understand your work permit status, & don't forget to know the meaning of other short statuses shown in the table.
Here is some of the shortcode that Malaysian Immigration use to show your work permit application status:

Watch the video tutorial if you can understand Urdu/Hindi.

Check out our previous post to Get Visa Status Using ROC (Company Registration Number).
The purpose of the tutorial is to just give awareness to foreigners living in Malaysia and it will help you to stay safe from lies of your legal or non-legal agent & we hope that you will also share this post to spread the knowledge with people who need it & special thanks for reading the post.
Note with caution that all the web pages images and logos used in this tutorial are property of the respective owner any illegal use of the service may cause legal action.  Peace & Blessing Bodies…!! :)

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