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We all know the name of Western Union as Remittance provider, but yet most of us don't know that now we can transfer money using a smartphone app to send money from anywhere the world by paying from online Banking Account or Debit/Credit Card. 2 years ago I wrote an article on how to Send Money to India (Worldremit) by paying with your Debit/Credit Card but today in this tutorial I will let you know that how you can Send Money almost everywhere in the world from Malaysia.

In the 1st step of the post, I will show how you can register your account with Wester Union using email and registered mailing address in Malaysia.

To proceed with 1st step make sure that your status is legal (WorkPermit or Study Permit Issued by Immigration of Malaysia), 2nd you have access to your online banking account with a username & password & your phone number should be active which you have registered while applying for bank account (if not you can change it from any ATM or by visit any branch of your financial institution).

Let's get started:

Registration form should look like this (if changed let us know to update):

Fill up all the mandatory info accordingly and accept the Terms, Join WU Membership Program for rewards and don't forget to subscribe to promotional offers (check all 3 checkboxes) and press the complete button (form may ask to fill up the captcha to verify that you are not a robot) to initiate your first transaction.

Register For Western Union Account

A filled form will look something like this:

Here you have to keep in mind that:

  • Write your Full Name as per your residential documents ( IC or Passport).
  • Valid email where you can get a confirmation email of your transaction or Western Union Support Team will contact you for recipient verification (Depending Location you send to).
  • Valid Phone number where you can receive calls.
  • Write Valid Residential address as per your work permit or IC, later you have to go to Western Union Branch once to verify your documents.

You will get a confirmation email after successful submission of the registration form.

Create Your First Transaction To Verify Your Account

Now login to your account and  we will go to our next step to create our first transaction:

1. Select the country of your recipient (note that your first transaction must be Cash Pick-up transaction after verification you can send up to RM 3000 per day to any bank account supported by Western Union).

2. Choose your recipient's country in my case it's India.
3. Then select "Cash at Agent Location".
4. and last but not least select payment method "Pay at agent Location".

Note:- This is a one-time payment which you have to make by going to Western Union Agent location or Branch for documents verification purpose & its Mandatory.

Watch the video to know the more:

After creating your first Transaction you will get the confirmation email with the time frame when you have to make the payment, make sure to visit agent location or Western Union branch before transaction expiry. here is the screenshot of confirmation email:

Take look at the highlighted area and make payment before they cancel the transaction, in case you failed to make payment within the given time frame then you have created another transaction to get your account verified. You can find the contact detail of the Support Team anytime

That's it for today, you can download western union application from Play Store & follow the same steps to register if you don't have access to desktop PC and check out Valyou Money Transfer Service, Share it & don't forget to post your comments. Be Happy & Warm Blessings for all of you :) 

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