Apply eSpecial Pass (eSP) Online using IMMI ePLKS Portal

Got your ePLKS portal ID? if yes then you are in place to learn how you can apply eSpecial Pass (eSP) online without visiting the Immigration branch office.  Is that sound good to you? if yes then go ahead and follow the steps.

You can apply 5 different types of eSPs at the ePLKS portal such as: 

  1. Pending Temporary Employment Pass Renewal;
  2. Making Arrangements to leave the country;
  3. Pending Passport Renewal;
  4. & pending medical reports.

These are the common reasons you can apply eSP for, You may need to apply to Check Out Memo (eCOM) if you're going to apply for eSP for the Purpose of "Making Arrangement to Leave the Country".

Today I'm going to share the practical process with our readers that how you can apply for eSP without visiting Immigration Office. So let's get started.

If you haven't registered for ePLKS Portal ID you can follow our guide for ePLKS Portal ID Registration.

Got your ePLKS Portal ID? Continue to apply eSP by following the below steps:

How to Apply eSP Using IMMI ePLKS Portal

  1. Goto ePLKS Portal;
  2. Login using your ID and password;
  3. Goto "PERMOHONAN LANJUTAN PLKS (INDIVIDU)" see the screenshot below;
  4. Click on image to enlarge

  5. Input the required field and click the search button (Cari);
  6. Click on image to enlarge

  7. Next, the fetched data will be shown in the table just below the search table;
  8. Click on image to enlarge

    Note that the eSP application is only applicable if your employee's temporary employment permit is expired otherwise, you need to submit the temporary employment permit renewal and you will see the update (Kemaskini) button appear instead of eSP

  9. Now Click on the eSP button, on the next page we need to select the reason for eSP and upload the necessary documents;
  10. Click on image to enlarge
    1. In case an employee preparing to leave the country (don't forget to apply to eCOM for this reason);
    2. 2nd reason is for the Fomema Examinate report pending or you have appealed against the unsuitable result;
    3. Pending Passport renewal of employee (prepare the letter/acknowledgement receipt from the Embassy or High commission
    4. Pending Kementerian Dalam Negeri's (KDN) approval, this category is not meant for Temporary Employment holders, only choose this reason if applicable. you must prepare the letter of Pending KDN approval;
    5. Select if the temporary employment permit is pending for renewal & you wish to renew after eSp approval.
  11. Now we will upload the mandatory documents and submit the application for approval, take a look at the screenshot below:
  12. In our case, we have a reason for eSP "Making Arrangement to Leave the Country", so we have to prepare the flight ticket and bio-data page of the employee's passport;
  13. Upload the necessary documents and acknowledge all the regulations and agreement by clicking all 3 checkboxes and finally click submit (Hantar). 
If you wish to book a flight ticket don't forget to visit our flights portal, or live chat with us for assistance.

Approval takes approximately 5 working days but may take longer, depending on the traffic flow and Immigration Branch where your file is being handled, for example, if your company address is Johor Bharu then the application will be referred to Immigration Johor Bharu for eSP to be issued.

Next, we will make the payment if got approval, I will try to share a separate post for the eSP payment guide. Thanks for reading, don't forget to share your suggestions or let us know if something is missing, we're more than happy to welcome your comment as well. Peace & Blessings! :)

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  1. Can I apply for a checkout memo 3 months before the permit expires? There is still one month to apply