How to Apply eCheck Out Memo (eCOM) Online Using IMMI ePLKS Portal

Do you want to send your foreign worker back home legally? then don't forget to apply for Check Out Memo (COM) at ePLKS Portal, If your worker’s employment is ending (end of contract or termination), you will be required to submit a COM at Immigration to remove her employment records from you. Failure to apply for a COM will also result in a fine, especially when you want to hire another foreign worker & your previously hired worker may be blacklisted to enter Malaysia for not less than 5 years. 
The employer should ensure that the foreign employees return to their country of origin via the requested exit point on the date stipulated in the COM. If the employer fails to apply for the COM, the foreign workers are still considered to be under his employment and the employer is still responsible for the foreign workers.

Before the lunch of the ePLKS Portal, employers have to visit the nearest Jabatan Immigration (JIM) to apply for COM but after the lunch of the ePLKS Portal, you can apply right from your office table. 

  1.  Goto
  2. Log in using your User ID & Password
  3. Goto eCOM (located at the top menu bar)
  4. Input the worker's passport number, select the nationality from the dropdown menu Finally, Click Search (Cari) 

  5. Now Click Update (Kemaskini) and the system will fetch the data 

    1. Date of Birth
    2. Document or Passport number
    3. Nationality
    4. Gender (Male or Female)
    5. Document or Passport Issuing Country
    6. Permit Expiry Date
    7. Special Pass No. (If Applicable)
    8. Country of Birth
    9. Type of Document 
    10. Document or Passport Expiry Date

    If all the information is up to date go ahead and fill up the required inputs in the next section (Information for Check Out Memo (eCOM)).

    4. Date of Exit or Date of departure from Malaysia as per ticket
    5. Select the name of the airport or checkpoint of exit (in our case it's KL International Airport (KLIA)). 
    6. Type of transport (in our case it's By Air).
    7. Destination Country
    8. Reason for Exit
    9. lastly Name of the Airline/Trasport Agent (in our case It's Malindo Air)

  6. If you need more time to fill up the form just click Update (Kemaskini) and save the eCOM application at any point.

  7. Now prepare the Passport & Ticket Booking (Flight/Feri/bus or train).

  8. Select the document name from the dropdown, click Choose File and click upload (Muat Naik), remember you can only upload 1 file at a time.

  9. List of original documents that need to be uploaded for the reference of the Malaysian Immigration Department:

    1) Copy of Passport

    2) Copy of Transportation Ticket. example: Plane/Ferry/Bus Ticket

    Uploaded documents must be less than 250 kb in size.

    *Only files with PDF, JPEG & PNG file types are allowed to be uploaded.

  10. If all the documents are uploaded successfully the list of the documents will be shown just below the upload sections.

  11. Now click on all the checkboxes to accept the terms and conditions for the application and click submit (Hantar).

  12. Popup window will ask to reconfirm the submission, if all the information is perfect click submit button.
  14. The last step is to wait for Immigration to approve the application.

That's all for now, It will most likely say that the application has been submitted for approval, You can find all your submitted applications by going to Status Application (Status Permohonan) in your ePLKS Portal. 
After getting approval print out 3 copies of the eCOM approval letter, 2 copies will be attached to the worker's passport & 1 copy for the employer's record for future reference. 

I hope the guide helps the user of the ePLKS Portal, don't share your suggestions & comments. Do let us know if something is missing, we will update the guide if needed. Until next time Peace & Blessing to all.

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  1. It's helpful sir. I tried to call and wanted to ask just this question but none of the number from Immigration website is working.

    1. They always enjoy :), I would recommend you to visit nearest JIM office.

  2. Hi what if our foreign staff work permit already expired more than 1 month. Can we still apply for COM using this eplks portal?

    1. Hello,

      You have to apply eSP and the system will allows you to apply for eCOM.

  3. Hi, I tried to upload the documents but there’s no “muat naik” button for me to upload the documents. Maklumat utama already filled in…

  4. Hi, the flight ticket is 7/2/24, but tarikh jangka keluar i put 8/2/24. can he still use the e-com? or where can i edit the date ?

  5. As you said above the flight is on 7th of February 2024, that means he still have one day left in his e-com. So no issue, he can leave Malaysia on same e-com.

    e-Com dates can't be edited.

  6. thank you very much for this post..really helped instead of needing to go to JIM.