Telenor Pakistan Extended VoLTE Support To Samsung & Vivo

Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) also called Voice Over 4g network offers the perfect Connectivity solution for the current 4G network’s shortcomings, the traditional calling technology in which the user lost the network connectivity if receives a phone call but thanks to VoLTE technology which replaced the old calling technology to listen to call over 4G network, which means you can use the data while having a phone call.

Telenor Pakistan is one of the leading players in the cellular market launched the VoLTE technology in Jan 2019 for OPPO & Realme smartphones and now the network has extended its VoLTE service to selected Samsung phones.

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In the race of the fast-growing digital world, after OPPO & Realme Telenor Pakistan is expanding its VoLTE services to the maximum number of users from across the nation by involving all major mobile phone manufacturers in adopting the VoLTE technology.

Why do we need VoLTE?

The question may pop up here why do we require VoLTE Technology? The simple and easiest description of the importance of VoLTE can be understood from the following real-world scenario:

Suppose you are making online payments and the phone/system is in any critical phase e.g. generating O.T.P. and at the same time your phone rings up.

To receive a request from the cellular network for ringing, the phone has to switch from LTE/4G mode to lower bands like 3G/2G etc. During this switching, the internet on phone gets an interrupt. This interrupt may be unnoticeable for humans but the online payment methods mind this and your transactions may be unsuccessful.

Similarly in another scenario when you are downloading some files over the internet, this switching from LTE to 3G/2G may get an interrupt and affect the downloading.

If you have supported OPPO, Realme, Vivo or Samsung phone then you can activate the VoLTE to experience seamless network connectivity. Follow the steps below to activate the VoLTE. 

How to Activate VoLTE

Contact your mobile carrier to activate the 4G and VoLTE functions for your SIM card. If both the primary and secondary SIM card trays of a dual-SIM phone support 4G and VoLTE, 4G and VoLTE can be enabled for both SIM cards.

Activate VoLTE on Samsung

  1. Go to the Settings app on your home screen or app drawer, or slide down from the top of your screen.

  2. Tap on Connections.
  3. Tap on Mobile networks.

  4. Toggle on VoLTE calls. That's it. :)

Activate VoLTE on Huawei

  1. Go to  Settings > Mobile network > Mobile data. In the network settings area of SIM 1 or SIM 2, you can:
  2. Enable 4G by turning on the Enable 4G switch. If the Enable 4G switch is not available, 4G will be enabled by default.
  3. Enable VoLTE by turning on the VoLTE HD calls switch.

Activate VoLTE on Vivo

  1. You can go to Settings.
  2. Then (Dual cards and) Mobile network.
  3. Click the Toggle button to enable VoLTE HD Call.

Activate VoLTE on Realme

  1. Choose the Settings>SIM Card & Mobile> choose the desired SIM. 
  2. To enable the VoLTE Calls, turn on the toggle button.
List of Telenor VoLTE Supported Device

  • Samsung

    Galaxy A32

  • Vivo

    Vivo Y20
    Vivo 23e
    Vivo Y20s
    Vivo Y12s
    Vivo Y33s
    Vivo Y21
    Vivo Y12A
    Vivo X70 Pro
    Vivo X60 Pro
    Vivo Y53s
    Vivo V21e
    Vivo V21
    Vivo Y20s[G]
    Vivo Y1s
    Vivo Y20 2021
    Vivo Y31
    Vivo Y51s
    Vivo Y1s 3GB
    Vivo V20
    Vivo Y30
    Vivo Y19
    Vivo V17
    Vivo V17 Pro
    Vivo Y51
    Vivo Y11
    Vivo S1
    Vivo S1 pro
    Vivo Y15
    Vivo Y91C
    Vivo Y91D
    Vivo V23e 5G
    Vivo Y21T
    Vivo Y15s

  • Realme

    Realme C11
    Realme C3
    Realme C12
    Realme C15
    Realme C17
    Realme C20
    Realme C25
    Realme 3
    Realme c5
    Realme 5i
    Realme 6
    Realme 6i
    Realme 6Pro
    Realme 7i
    Realme 7Pro
    Realme 8
    Realme 8Pro
    Realme C3 Super Zoom
    Realme Nazro 30
    Realme Nazro 30a

  • OPPO

    OPPO A15
    OPPO A15s
    OPPO A16
    OPPO A54
    OPPO A53
    OPPO A92
    OPPO A52
    OPPO A54
    OPPO F11
    OPPO F11 Pro
    OPPO F17
    OPPO F17 Pro
    OPPO F19
    OPPO F19 Pro
    OPPO Reno3
    OPPO Reno3 Pro
    OPPO Reno4
    OPPO Reno4 Pro
    OPPO Reno5
    OPPO Reno5 Pro
    OPPO Reno6 se
    OPPO Reno6 Pro

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