Cheap Call (IDD) Packages From Malaysia to Pakistan, India, Bangladesh & Indonesia

Are you working in Malaysia and trying to find cheap calling rates to call your home country then you're reading the right post, we have gathered some exciting and cheap International Direct Dialling (IDD) packages for your convenience to choose from, at Spicy Blogging we ensure when loved ones travelling internationally, they should remain connected with family & loved one back home while maintaining budget call packages.

The Malaysian telecommunications market is a thriving mobile market with four large network operators, an incumbent fixed-line provider with a near-monopoly and the overall market underpinned by strong economic fundamentals. The Telecom sector in Malaysia offers more cheapest IDD packages as compared to the Middle East market where more than 25 million migrant workers have jobs.

Major Telecom service providers in Malaysia offer a WiFi Calling feature while roaming, This would help you save on roaming call charges as long as the WiFi Calling feature is working. WiFi Calling has been offered by U Mobile 5 years ago back in 2016. Digi also introduced the feature in 2017. Besides having better quality calls at home or at the office, another advantage of WiFi Calling is that you can make “local calls” when you’re overseas. However, Maxis’ states that VoWiFi is not available when you’re roaming.

But do WiFi Calling offered by Pakistan Telcom service providers? the answer is simply not yet, but Jazz & Telenor introduced Voice over LTE (VoLTE) last year and it was the 1st of the 5 major telcos to do so. With VoLTE, you can make and receive voice calls at higher quality while maintaining a 4G connection.

We hope and advise Jazz and all other service providers to offer a WiFi Calling feature to Overseas Pakistanis to call their home country at local rates instead of buying very high-cost IDD calling packages. while they're roaming.

Now here we will share some IDD calling packages from Malaysia to Pakistan.

Digi IDD Calling Packages

Digi's (IDD) Pass offers the best international call rates to Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia & more countries and fortunately the cheapest weekly IDD subscription offer 60 mins to Bangladesh, China, India, and Pakistan.

You can activate IDD pass right from Digi App, Click 'Buy Add-Ons' and Select 'IDD' and confirm your purchase (make sure you have insufficient balance to make the purchase) & You will receive a confirmation SMS upon successful transaction.

To purchase IDD pass via UMB Dial *128*3*2*1#, Select '2 One-time Purchase' and choose your preferred IDD pass from the available options, You will receive a confirmation SMS upon successful transaction.

Skype International Calling Packages/Subscription

Enjoy low per-minute rates when you call phones using Skype Credit and send SMS messages from Skype, If you call specific destinations a lot, get a monthly subscription and save even more money.

Skype offers 3 different subscriptions for Pakistan, India, Bangladesh & Indonesia.

Country 1st 2nd 3rd
Bangladesh 100 Min. in $2.99 400 Min. in $6.99 800 Min. in $12.99
Pakistan 100 Min. in $2.99 300 Min. in $6.99 800 Min. in $15.99
India 100 Min. in $1.99 800 Min. in $7.99 2500 Min. in $19.99

Maxis IDD Calling Packages (Postpaid)

Maxis has a network around the world and call coverage to over 100 countries, VoLTE uninterrupted calls with crystal-clear voice quality Save more on international calls and enjoy FREE calls after a 20-minute duration with IDD 132.

Country Mobile Call Rates Fixed Call Rates 132 IDD CALL Rates
Bangladesh RM2.88/60 sec RM2.88/60 sec RM0.65/240 sec
Pakistan RM2.88/60 sec RM2.88/60 sec RM1.58/240 sec
India RM2.40/60 sec RM0.50/60 sec RM0.58/240 sec

IDD Dailling Format Example Pakistan: Dial 132 00 92 123 4567890

IDD Dailling Format Example India: Dial 132 00 91 123 4567 8910

We hope you will find it useful and enjoy cheap calling with loved ones while working or studying abroad. Let us know if we missed something if you have something to be added to the list do share it with us via the comment form below. Peace & Blessings :)


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