In today's rapidly advancing technological landscape, the convenience of Wi-Fi calling has revolutionized the way we communicate. With the Jazz Network, you can enjoy seamless voice calls over Wi-Fi using the innovative "Bip" feature. This article will guide you through the simple process of setting up Bip Wi-Fi Calling on the Jazz Network, ensuring you stay connected no matter where you are.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Wi-Fi Calling and Why It Matters
  3. Benefits of Bip Wi-Fi Calling on Jazz Network
  4. Checking Device Compatibility
  5. Activating Bip Wi-Fi Calling
  6. Configuring Bip Wi-Fi Calling Settings
  7. Making and Receiving Calls with Bip Wi-Fi Calling
  8. Troubleshooting Common Issues
  9. Security and Privacy Considerations
  10. Conclusion
  11. FAQS


In an era where staying connected is essential, Wi-Fi calling has emerged as a game-changer. Jazz Network's Bip Wi-Fi Calling feature takes this convenience a step further, allowing users to make and receive crystal-clear calls over Wi-Fi connections.

What is Wi-Fi Calling and Why It Matters

Wi-Fi Calling is a technology that enables voice calls to be transmitted over a Wi-Fi network instead of a traditional cellular network. This proves especially beneficial in areas with weak cellular signals. It ensures uninterrupted communication and often results in better call quality.

Benefits of Bip Wi-Fi Calling on Jazz Network

Bip Wi-Fi Calling offers a range of advantages. It eliminates the need for additional apps or third-party services, simplifying the process. Moreover, it enables you to make international calls without incurring high roaming charges. The service seamlessly switches between Wi-Fi and cellular networks, guaranteeing a consistent calling experience.

Checking Device Compatibility

Before setting up Bip Wi-Fi Calling, ensure your device is compatible with the feature. Most modern smartphones and tablets support this functionality. However, it's recommended to check Jazz Network's official website for a list of compatible devices.

Activating Bip Wi-Fi Calling

Activating Bip Wi-Fi Calling is straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to your device's settings.
  2. Select the "Phone" or "Connections" option, depending on your device.
  3. Look for the "Wi-Fi Calling" or "Bip Calling" option.
  4. Toggle the switch to enable Bip Wi-Fi Calling.

Configuring Bip Wi-Fi Calling Settings

Once activated, you can customize the settings for Bip Wi-Fi Calling:

  1. Open the Wi-Fi Calling settings.
  2. Choose preferences like "Wi-Fi Only" or "Wi-Fi Preferred."
  3. Select whether you want to receive calls when your phone is in airplane mode.
  4. Set up emergency call preferences.

Making and Receiving Calls with Bip Wi-Fi Calling

Using Bip Wi-Fi Calling is just like making regular calls. When you're connected to a Wi-Fi network and have Bip Wi-Fi Calling enabled, your calls will automatically be routed through Wi-Fi. To the recipient, there's no noticeable difference in call quality.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

If you encounter issues with Bip Wi-Fi Calling, try the following:

  • Restart your device and router.
  • Update your device's software.
  • Ensure you're connected to a stable Wi-Fi network.

Security and Privacy Considerations

Jazz Network prioritizes the security of Bip Wi-Fi Calling. All calls are encrypted to protect your privacy. However, it's still advisable not to share sensitive personal information during calls.


Bip Wi-Fi Calling on the Jazz Network is a breakthrough feature that enhances your communication experience. It bridges the gap between cellular and Wi-Fi networks, ensuring you're always connected. Activate it today and enjoy seamless, high-quality calls wherever you go.


1. Can I use Bip Wi-Fi Calling while roaming internationally? Yes, Bip Wi-Fi Calling allows you to make international calls without high roaming charges.

2. Is Bip Wi-Fi Calling available on all devices? Most modern smartphones and tablets are compatible with Bip Wi-Fi Calling. Check the Jazz Network's website for a comprehensive list.

3. How does Bip Wi-Fi Calling impact call quality? Bip Wi-Fi Calling often results in better call quality, especially in areas with weak cellular signals.

4. Can I make emergency calls using Bip Wi-Fi Calling? Yes, you can set up emergency call preferences in the Bip Wi-Fi Calling settings.

5. Is Bip Wi-Fi Calling secure? Yes, all Bip Wi-Fi Calling calls are encrypted for enhanced security.


The Most awaited calling feature for smartphones is now in the mid-way of lunch; jazz introduced WiFi Calling (VoWiFi) for better in-door, more precise, uninterrupted and stable voice call quality in Pakistan. Still, the feature is in the testing phase and has been launched for Samsung devices. Learn more about WiFi Calling.

Suitable for reading Jazz VoLTE

We have contacted @Jazzpk, but they have yet to confirm the actual launch date of the feature.

Why do we need WiFi Calling? 

The WiFi Calling feature has many benefits, but most importantly, it allows you to make or receive calls even when you have poor or non-existent cellular network coverage. It can be beneficial if you live or work in an area with poor outdoor or indoor cellular service.

Another good thing about WiFi calling is that you don't need to do anything besides enabling the feature. All your calls and texts function as they would if you use the cellular network. And since the feature is baked right into the phone's dialer, no additional downloads are necessary, and all your contacts are available whether or not they are using WiFi calling.

More than that, Calls made over WiFi Calling will use your plan's minutes where applicable, even when you're overseas. You will be charged the pay-per-use domestic calling rate if you do not have any bundled voice minutes. International calls will follow the standard IDD rates.

We have tested the WiFi Calling feature while using the @Jazzpk network in Okara District; take a look at the screenshot below:

The screenshot confirmed that WiFi Calling is provisioned for Samsung Galaxy A715 Model. We will verify its availability while travelling abroad. Stay tuned for an update.

Android: How to Enable WiFi Calling 

It's easy to start using WiFi Calling. Do ensure your device is compatible before following the step-by-step guide below.

  1. Update your Android/iPhone phone software/operating system to the latest version.
  2. Make sure the service is activated by your carrier.
  3. Tap on Settings > Connections, then tap on WiFi Calling (or you can type WiFi Calling in the setting search bar)
  4. Slide ON WiFi Calling. ​
  5. Select WiFi Preferred to make calls using WiFi Calling. 
  6. Turn ON your WiFi.​
  7. Connect to an available WiFi Network. ​

Android: Make & Receive Calls with WiFi Calling​

  1. Ensure that WiFi is turned ON and WiFi Calling Symbol/Icon is active on the top notification bar. (Users must see the WiFi symbol in the upper left-hand corner of their phone's screen. The icon is usually next to your carrier's name or signal bar. Be sure to distinguish it from the inverted cone WiFi symbol; that cone icon usually just represents how strong your signal is.)
  2. To make a call via WiFi Calling, simply dial a number.​
  3. Incoming calls are automatically received through WiFi.​

IOS: How to Enable WiFi Calling

  1. Go to Settings >Tap on General > Under the General menu and tap About.
  2. Tap the Update button when prompted.
  3. Go back to Settings >Tap on Phone >Select WiFi Calling.
  4. Slide the WiFi Calling On This Phone to ON.​
  5. Tap Enable when the Confirmation Message pops up.

IOS: Make & Receive Calls with WiFi Calling

  1. Ensure that the WiFi is turned on.
  2. Make sure you are connected to a WiFi access point.​
  3. Go back to Home Screen, and you will see 'WiFi Calling Symbol' on the top left or right corner per your smartphone setting.​
  4. To make a WiFi Calling, simply dial a number.​
  5. Incoming calls are automatically received through WiFi.​

How Jazzpk WiFi Calling Feature Works Overseas

This question is yet to be answered by the @Jazzpk team on how the WiFi Calling feature will work if we use the @Jazzpk network while travelling abroad. 
Let's discuss how Jazz WiFi Calling works if they allow this feature to work while using @Jazzpk overseas.

Calling rates Within Pakistan: 

To any Domestic number:         Your plan's rates, including unlimited calls, will apply.
To any International number:     IDD rates will apply.

Calling while outside Pakistan (Roaming):

To any Pakistani number:         Your plan's rates, including unlimited calls, will apply.
To any International number:     IDD rates will apply.

A valid and active Jazz SIM card is required. You cannot make a call if your line is barred, suspended or terminated. If you have a dual-SIM phone, please insert your Jazz SIM into Slot 1. All Jazz subscribers on postpaid and prepaid plans are eligible for WiFi Calling as long as your device's WiFi Calling & rate plan supports "voice call". It is unavailable for "data only" plans such as Postpaid MB. 

All Jazz subscribers will enjoy Ultra HD & Clearer Voice Call in future. Thanks for reading our post, and remember to subscribe to our social media channels to stay tuned for future updates. Until then, Peace & Blessings :)

Are you working in Malaysia and trying to find cheap calling rates to call your home country then you're reading the right post, we have gathered some exciting and cheap International Direct Dialling (IDD) packages for your convenience to choose from, at Spicy Blogging we ensure when loved ones travelling internationally, they should remain connected with family & loved one back home while maintaining budget call packages.

The Malaysian telecommunications market is a thriving mobile market with four large network operators, an incumbent fixed-line provider with a near-monopoly and the overall market underpinned by strong economic fundamentals. The Telecom sector in Malaysia offers more cheapest IDD packages as compared to the Middle East market where more than 25 million migrant workers have jobs.

Major Telecom service providers in Malaysia offer a WiFi Calling feature while roaming, This would help you save on roaming call charges as long as the WiFi Calling feature is working. WiFi Calling has been offered by U Mobile 5 years ago back in 2016. Digi also introduced the feature in 2017. Besides having better quality calls at home or at the office, another advantage of WiFi Calling is that you can make “local calls” when you’re overseas. However, Maxis’ states that VoWiFi is not available when you’re roaming.

But do WiFi Calling offered by Pakistan Telcom service providers? the answer is simply not yet, but Jazz & Telenor introduced Voice over LTE (VoLTE) last year and it was the 1st of the 5 major telcos to do so. With VoLTE, you can make and receive voice calls at higher quality while maintaining a 4G connection.

We hope and advise Jazz and all other service providers to offer a WiFi Calling feature to Overseas Pakistanis to call their home country at local rates instead of buying very high-cost IDD calling packages. while they're roaming.

Now here we will share some IDD calling packages from Malaysia to Pakistan.

Digi IDD Calling Packages

Digi's (IDD) Pass offers the best international call rates to Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia & more countries and fortunately the cheapest weekly IDD subscription offer 60 mins to Bangladesh, China, India, and Pakistan.

You can activate IDD pass right from Digi App, Click 'Buy Add-Ons' and Select 'IDD' and confirm your purchase (make sure you have insufficient balance to make the purchase) & You will receive a confirmation SMS upon successful transaction.

To purchase IDD pass via UMB Dial *128*3*2*1#, Select '2 One-time Purchase' and choose your preferred IDD pass from the available options, You will receive a confirmation SMS upon successful transaction.

Skype International Calling Packages/Subscription

Enjoy low per-minute rates when you call phones using Skype Credit and send SMS messages from Skype, If you call specific destinations a lot, get a monthly subscription and save even more money.

Skype offers 3 different subscriptions for Pakistan, India, Bangladesh & Indonesia.

Country 1st 2nd 3rd
Bangladesh 100 Min. in $2.99 400 Min. in $6.99 800 Min. in $12.99
Pakistan 100 Min. in $2.99 300 Min. in $6.99 800 Min. in $15.99
India 100 Min. in $1.99 800 Min. in $7.99 2500 Min. in $19.99

Maxis IDD Calling Packages (Postpaid)

Maxis has a network around the world and call coverage to over 100 countries, VoLTE uninterrupted calls with crystal-clear voice quality Save more on international calls and enjoy FREE calls after a 20-minute duration with IDD 132.

Country Mobile Call Rates Fixed Call Rates 132 IDD CALL Rates
Bangladesh RM2.88/60 sec RM2.88/60 sec RM0.65/240 sec
Pakistan RM2.88/60 sec RM2.88/60 sec RM1.58/240 sec
India RM2.40/60 sec RM0.50/60 sec RM0.58/240 sec

IDD Dailling Format Example Pakistan: Dial 132 00 92 123 4567890

IDD Dailling Format Example India: Dial 132 00 91 123 4567 8910

We hope you will find it useful and enjoy cheap calling with loved ones while working or studying abroad. Let us know if we missed something if you have something to be added to the list do share it with us via the comment form below. Peace & Blessings :)


All of the cellular networks in Pakistan offer a variety of methods to activate balance save service, with Balance Saver you can reduce your accidental balance deduction upon expiry of subscribed offer data incentive. Default usage (in case no offer subscribed) and overage usage (in case offer incentive exhausted while offer validity remaining) will be disabled, saving you from out-of-bundle deduction of balance.

We have compiled all the balance-saving codes from various cellular networks e.g Jazz, Ufone, Zong, and Telenor.

How to enable Jazz Balance Saver Subscription

To activate this code follow the instructions below:

  • Go to your mobile phone dial pad 
  • Dial *275#
  • After a while, you will receive a confirmation message 
  • Jazz provides this service free of cost 
  • To deactivate/unsubscribe from this offer you can dial code *275*4#

How to subscribe Zong balance save offer

Zong provides balance save subscription free of cost and by using the service you will never lose balance, there are 2 different ways to subscribe to this offer, check the details below for both methods.

First Method
  • go to the dial pad of your mobile phone
  • dial the code *4004#
  • select 1 for prepaid sim and 2 for postpaid sim
  • now choose 1 to subscribe
  • after a while, you will receive a confirmation message
  • To unsubscribe, you can follow the previous steps and select 2 at the last step.

Here is another method to activate through the MyZong app

  • Open the MyZong app.
  • Click on the search icon.
  • Type balance save service and select the service provided.
  • Then click on subscribe now and the offer will be subscribed.
  • To unsubscribe, go to the offer page and unsubscribe.

Follow the steps from the screenshot below:

How to Obtain Telenor balance save offer

Follow the instructions below to subscribe to this offer.

  • open the dial pad on your mobile phone.
  • dial code *7799#.
  • you will receive a confirmation message of a subscription.
  • this offer is free for customers.

How to receive the Ufone balance save offer

Follow the steps below to subscribe to this offer.

  • Open the dial pad on your mobile phone.
  • Dial code *6611#.
  • You will receive a confirmation message of a subscription.
  • This service is valid for both prepaid and postpaid sims.
  • You can unsubscribe by dialling *6611# again.

If you have any questions you can ask freely in the comment section and if you like information, share it with your family and friends.


In 2017 Punjab Excise introduces the Chip-based Smart Motor Vehicle Registration (MVR) Book to protect the authenticity of Vehicle Registration & for the safety of the public. Those who have old registration books can apply for MVR Book replacement with a chip-based Smart Card. 

We have prepared a digital form to apply for MVR Chip-based Smart Card, you have fill-up the form and submit the application to any excise branch. You can download the digital fill-up form to Apply for MVR Chip-based Smart Card, which you can fill online, from your computer browser or mobile phone browser and simply download the form to fill up by hand.

Excise Punjab, Pakistan
Excise Punjab, Pakistan.
Ishtiaq Ahmad
 PDF format:
Active Report
 Added on:
Sun, 19/06/2022
The form you are about to download is the intellectual property of the Excise Department of Punjab, Pakistan, and/or trademark holder and is offered to you as a convenience for lawful use with proper permission from the copyright and/or trademark holder only. You hereby agree that you agree to the Terms of Use and that the form you download will be used for lawful use without infringing on the rights of the copyright and/or trademark holder.
If you got an error while filling the form online "File preview not available, please reload to try again." please try using Microsoft Edge (you can also use Internet Explorer) or Mozilla firefox to fill this form. if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact the Support Team

Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) also called Voice Over 4g network offers the perfect Connectivity solution for the current 4G network’s shortcomings, the traditional calling technology in which the user lost the network connectivity if receives a phone call but thanks to VoLTE technology which replaced the old calling technology to listen to call over 4G network, which means you can use the data while having a phone call.

Telenor Pakistan is one of the leading players in the cellular market launched the VoLTE technology in Jan 2019 for OPPO & Realme smartphones and now the network has extended its VoLTE service to selected Samsung phones.

Also, don't forget to read: JAZZ Pakistan Successfully Launched VoLTE

In the race of the fast-growing digital world, after OPPO & Realme Telenor Pakistan is expanding its VoLTE services to the maximum number of users from across the nation by involving all major mobile phone manufacturers in adopting the VoLTE technology.

Why do we need VoLTE?

The question may pop up here why do we require VoLTE Technology? The simple and easiest description of the importance of VoLTE can be understood from the following real-world scenario:

Suppose you are making online payments and the phone/system is in any critical phase e.g. generating O.T.P. and at the same time your phone rings up.

To receive a request from the cellular network for ringing, the phone has to switch from LTE/4G mode to lower bands like 3G/2G etc. During this switching, the internet on phone gets an interrupt. This interrupt may be unnoticeable for humans but the online payment methods mind this and your transactions may be unsuccessful.

Similarly in another scenario when you are downloading some files over the internet, this switching from LTE to 3G/2G may get an interrupt and affect the downloading.

If you have supported OPPO, Realme, Vivo or Samsung phone then you can activate the VoLTE to experience seamless network connectivity. Follow the steps below to activate the VoLTE. 

How to Activate VoLTE

Contact your mobile carrier to activate the 4G and VoLTE functions for your SIM card. If both the primary and secondary SIM card trays of a dual-SIM phone support 4G and VoLTE, 4G and VoLTE can be enabled for both SIM cards.

Activate VoLTE on Samsung

  1. Go to the Settings app on your home screen or app drawer, or slide down from the top of your screen.

  2. Tap on Connections.
  3. Tap on Mobile networks.

  4. Toggle on VoLTE calls. That's it. :)

Activate VoLTE on Huawei

  1. Go to  Settings > Mobile network > Mobile data. In the network settings area of SIM 1 or SIM 2, you can:
  2. Enable 4G by turning on the Enable 4G switch. If the Enable 4G switch is not available, 4G will be enabled by default.
  3. Enable VoLTE by turning on the VoLTE HD calls switch.

Activate VoLTE on Vivo

  1. You can go to Settings.
  2. Then (Dual cards and) Mobile network.
  3. Click the Toggle button to enable VoLTE HD Call.

Activate VoLTE on Realme

  1. Choose the Settings>SIM Card & Mobile> choose the desired SIM. 
  2. To enable the VoLTE Calls, turn on the toggle button.
List of Telenor VoLTE Supported Device

  • Samsung

    Galaxy A32

  • Vivo

    Vivo Y20
    Vivo 23e
    Vivo Y20s
    Vivo Y12s
    Vivo Y33s
    Vivo Y21
    Vivo Y12A
    Vivo X70 Pro
    Vivo X60 Pro
    Vivo Y53s
    Vivo V21e
    Vivo V21
    Vivo Y20s[G]
    Vivo Y1s
    Vivo Y20 2021
    Vivo Y31
    Vivo Y51s
    Vivo Y1s 3GB
    Vivo V20
    Vivo Y30
    Vivo Y19
    Vivo V17
    Vivo V17 Pro
    Vivo Y51
    Vivo Y11
    Vivo S1
    Vivo S1 pro
    Vivo Y15
    Vivo Y91C
    Vivo Y91D
    Vivo V23e 5G
    Vivo Y21T
    Vivo Y15s

  • Realme

    Realme C11
    Realme C3
    Realme C12
    Realme C15
    Realme C17
    Realme C20
    Realme C25
    Realme 3
    Realme c5
    Realme 5i
    Realme 6
    Realme 6i
    Realme 6Pro
    Realme 7i
    Realme 7Pro
    Realme 8
    Realme 8Pro
    Realme C3 Super Zoom
    Realme Nazro 30
    Realme Nazro 30a

  • OPPO

    OPPO A15
    OPPO A15s
    OPPO A16
    OPPO A54
    OPPO A53
    OPPO A92
    OPPO A52
    OPPO A54
    OPPO F11
    OPPO F11 Pro
    OPPO F17
    OPPO F17 Pro
    OPPO F19
    OPPO F19 Pro
    OPPO Reno3
    OPPO Reno3 Pro
    OPPO Reno4
    OPPO Reno4 Pro
    OPPO Reno5
    OPPO Reno5 Pro
    OPPO Reno6 se
    OPPO Reno6 Pro

Share your experience with Telenor VoLTE in the comment form below, or share the suggestions to improve the article.